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Monday’s News at a glance:- Australia’s ban on nicotine importation lifted – Vaping In The News ~ June 28th – English Vape Shop Staff Call – Vapo Slams Australia Nic Ban – Do We Really Want More Smokers? – Associations of Flavored e-Cigarette Uptake – Vapers stunned over proposal to ban flavors in The Netherlands – Holland Bans Flavoured Vaping Products – Nicotine Science and Policy Daily Digest

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Fridays News at a glance: Modern Day Follies – Populus Ecig Survey – Smoking prevalence in Norway dropping faster than ever – Dangerous Particles Found In Tobacco Smoke Reduced Up To 1,000 Times In E-Cigarettes – Health project voted in new reading by the National Assembly – Dutch to restrict e-cigarettes to over-18s – In Quebec the e-cigarette is officially a tobacco product – Rutgers Explores How Smokers Learn about E-Cigarettes – Rally at Queen’s Park Saturday against Bill 45 – New advocacy group forms for electronic cigarettes – Fremont moves toward banning new e-cigarette retailers – Nicotine Science and Policy – Daily Digest – Fri, 4 December 2015

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Wednesdays News at a glance: We Can Solve The Problem We Caused – Honest! – We Don’t Need ‘Decades of Research’ to Know Vaping Is Safer Than Smoking – The New Way to Meet Your Neighbours – Ecigs. Our right not to smoke Tobacco – PHE hits back at conflict of interest claims on e-cigs – Pharmaceutical firms spend €40m a year for ‘privileged access’ to EU decision-makers – Anti-smoking lobby targets cafe smoking areas with new court case – E-cigs can help cut smoking MSPs told

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Tuesdays News at a glance: An interview with a Dutch vaping advocate .. The Face of Big Vaping .. Nicotine makes you smarter. Journalists need some urgently .. Another scare story about e-cigarettes. What we should be worrying about is sugar .. A Moral …

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AMvB The Dutch situation from Martijn Voncken regarding the early introduction of the TPD and more! Starting from 1st February, 2015 the AMvB “Tijdelijk Warenbesluit e-sigaret” is coming into effect. Translated this is the “Temporary consumer goods-decision e-cigarettes” It is …

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Daily News Round Up: Large fire at TVECA/UTVG Warehouse Let’s hope a dodgy battery charger isn’t to blame…. CRUQUIUS A large blaze destroyed tonight two units on the Bennebroekerlaan Dijk Cruquius. There were no injuries, but there was so much smoke …

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Dutch Government to Implement the TPD within 3 months This petition is open to everyone to sign. Please show your support A brief summary of what will be implemented in Febuary 2015: When you buy the product and the person buying …

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Stop overreaching regulations on e-cigarettes and prevent the ban on flavored e-liquid. We need to protect our right to choose a healthier lifestyle. Stand up for our freedoms as Canadians, create awareness, and prevent sweeping legislations against vaping. Our right …

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Dutch to implement TPD within 2 months Decision of 24 November 2014 on temporary rules regarding the electronic cigarette (Temporary Commodities Act Electronic Cigarette) What can YOU do? Twitter users please tweet a picture of any or all of your …

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Links to what’s in the News today Meetings with politicians 2 There is gold in them there debating chambers. Today, on behalf of the Save E-cigs campaign, I was lucky enough to have a chat with one of the most vocal …

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