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Educating your MP about vaping in Canada

A practical guide for small business owners & workers in the independent vape industry

Version 1.1: 17-03-12 Created by Amelia Howard

Urgent Call to Action: Victorian Tobacco Amendment Bill On June 8th the Victorian Government will be voting on the Tobacco Amendment Bill, which will regulate e-cigarettes the same way as tobacco products. Vendors will not be able to display their products or offer juice tasting in-house, and users will not be able to vape in smoke-free zones. Vape Meets at pubs and clubs will be banned.

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Saturday 21st May A quick round up on what’s been happening in a rather hectic couple of days for Vaping! – No surrender! – #LordsVapeVote Writing Campaign – Vapers in Power – Tell them your story – Dave Dorn Vapour Trails TV – Petition Update – D-day for Vaping – Vaping and the TPD on BBC News – British vapers unite behind Lord’s

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Important Update! First petition now finally online:  “Don’t implement Art 20 TPD!”$$$.a.u.html Deadline: 2016-01-20 Originally Posted on Facebook Reproduced here for easy access for Non-Facebook users There are some petitions planned directly to the German Parliament (“Bundestag”) that’ll need international support. …

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Dear Mark Zuckerberg & the Facebook team. The United Nations projects that a billion people will die from smoking this century. That is nearly everyone in the United States & Europe. Dead. There is rampant corruption taking place that is …

A Billion Lives – Censored Read More »

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How you can help with Article 20 Originally posted by the New Nicotine Alliance 20th Sept – Reproduced with their kind permission Recent events such as the report from Public Health England have made me proud of the way that …

Vaping Needs YOU 29th Sept Read More »

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European Vapers Protest 29th May 2015 Come and make your voice heard! A European wide event to demonstrate against the TPD. More information about the aims are on the main website: There are currently two events planned in the …

European Protest 29th May Read More »

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Vapers in Power CTA How can YOU promote Vaping this week? 1) Download the paper signature collection form from the Totally Wicked site, collect friends, families and colleagues details then send them to TW. The more signatures they get, the better they …

ViP Call to Action 21st March Read More »

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Vapers in Power CTA How can YOU promote Vaping this week? 1. Sending Nick Clegg a message of support for his foray into the world of attys, mods and flavours: @nick_clegg or 2. Taking a look at the Vapers and Smokers Unite webpage – …

ViP Call to Action 13th March Read More »

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Vapers in Power CTA Vapers In Power was created over fears that were confirmed when Article 20 section 5 was added to the TPD, a clause that could forbid the promotion of vaping . These proposals could affect Vaping forums, …

ViP Call to Action 6th March Read More »

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