ViP Call to Action 6th March


Vapers in Power CTA

Vapers In Power was created over fears that were confirmed when Article 20 section 5 was added to the TPD, a clause that could forbid the promotion of vaping . These proposals could affect Vaping forums, TV and Radio Stations, Vapemeets, advertising, etc. They publish weekly Calls to Action to promote vaping awareness.

How can YOU promote Vaping this week?

1. Tweet your local MP and ask them what their stance on electronic cigarettes is – if you use #vapingfree we’ll be able to see your tweet and their replies.

2. Collect an email or two for the MOVE campaign – this will enable them to get in touch with many more medical professionals than they could do on their own.…view?pli=1

3. Add your signature to this open letter to the Norwegian Health Minister to try to prevent the TPD happening there (Norway isn’t “quite” in the EU, as Facebook would say: “it’s complicated”) – you need to write your name and email and click the confirmation email.

Vapers In Power needs your help to field a candidate at the 2015 UK General Election. Pressure groups, trade organisations, lobbyists – all can be ignored but political candidates get airtime and are allowed to get their message across. We will not be the David that slays Goliath but with your support we WILL be the vipers that bite the political Goliaths at every opportunity. The very people who should look after us are killing us with lies, half truths and feigned ignorance.

For more details about Vapers in Power:ViP-02

Visit their website:
Twitter: @vapers

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One comment on “ViP Call to Action 6th March
  1. Dan Smith says:

    Done! The best thing we can ALL do is get involved and get others to get involved. Complacency will not only lead to the destruction of our extremely enjoyable hobby but drive millions back to smoking.

    On paper this regulation has no viability but there’s some nasty people with vested interests, nasty people who very often have an influence on those that make the decisions.

    The more of us kick up a stink the better. We’re not a lone voice, there’s millions of us out there so c’mon peeps, get it together!!!!