Month: January 2015

In the News 30th Jan 15

Govt approved drafting e-cigarette bill last year – Ireland: standardised packaging of e-cigarettes? – I wasn’t going to write this. More from the “totally unfashionable” Jo Lincoln – Electronic Cigarettes Remain Top Tax Target For Politicians – How Should E-Cigarettes Be Regulated? – Huffpost-Live – California Declares E-Cigarettes a ‘Community Health Threat’ – How Wall Street Tobacco Deals Left States With Billions in Toxic Debt – Nicotine Science and Policy – Daily Digest – Fri, 30 January 2015

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In the News 29th Jan 15

California’s Dreaming….

California – Font of World-Class Propaganda – It’s Time To Stand Up For Vaping – Lying It Up At The Hotel California – Nicotine Science and Policy – Daily Digest – Thu, 29 January 2015 – Poll in the Mirror

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In the News 28th Jan 15

Wednesdays News from the Web Attitudes toward E-Cigarettes, reasons for initiating E-Cigarette use and Changes in smoking behavior – Anti-Vaping Researchers Called Out for Misleading Cancer Exaggerations by New York Times Columnist – Telling our Story to the Pharmacists – Vaping Advocate of

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In the News 27th Jan 15

CASAA launches tobacco harm reduction success stories collection. Yet Another Public Health Practitioner Publicly Claims that Smoking is No More Hazardous than Vaping. Is Vaping Worse Than Smoking? New study by Dr. Farsalinos: Dual users more worried about E-cigarette risks. American Thoracic Society Physicians Claim There is No Evidence Smoking is More Hazardous than Vaping. How e-cigarettes changed my life. Nicotine Science and Policy – Daily Digest

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In the News 26th Jan 15

Mondays News and Blogs at a glance Scaring People About e-Cigarettes: A Public Health Disgrace. Science ‘wrong’ in EU’s proposed e-cigarette law. Keep Calm. It’s Only Poison- Clive Bates. Concern about Gateways- Robert Innes. Japanese Vapour Torture – Argvargen. Cloupor

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A Call to Dutch Vapers

AMvB The Dutch situation from Martijn Voncken regarding the early introduction of the TPD and more! Starting from 1st February, 2015 the AMvB “Tijdelijk Warenbesluit e-sigaret” is coming into effect. Translated this is the “Temporary consumer goods-decision e-cigarettes” It is

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Flash Mob 25th Jan

It’s This Sunday! Olivier Cucurons Facebook group has all the details: As well as the dozens of meets around France there are also 4 in the UK that we know of: Birmingham 11am The Mailbox, Royal Mail Street, Birmingham, B1

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In the News 23rd Jan 15

Fridays News at a glance: Confirmed: Formaldehyde Study-Invalid. Greg Conley in CocktailNerd. Poll to Ban E-Cigs. Nicotine, Science and Policys Daily Digest Confirmed: Formaldehyde Study Conducted Under Implausible Conditions; Conclusions Invalid The Rest of the Story – Dr. Michael Siegel: To

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In the News 22nd Jan 15

Todays News from the net at a glance. Formaldehyde Take Two. VTTV With Professor Robert West. UK Ban could force 1.5mil back to smoking. From Apple Pie to Bubbly Bubble Gum, Irish Car Bomb or Martian bar – from Mars!, the

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Formaldehyde – Again

Formaldehyde – Again. All the good links in one place   Verified: formaldehyde levels found in the NEJM study were associated with dry puff conditions. An update An Update from Dr Farsalinos: As mentioned in my previous comment about the

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