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California’s Dreaming….

California – Font of World-Class Propaganda – It’s Time To Stand Up For Vaping – Lying It Up At The Hotel California – Nicotine Science and Policy – Daily Digest – Thu, 29 January 2015 – Poll  in the Mirror

California – Font of World-Class Propaganda

Tom Pruen on cracking form:

Yesterday saw the publication of a report from the California Department of Public Health.  Clearly, the CDPH have overcome all the health issues related to smoking, freeing up resources to address a “Community Health Threat” which has, based on all the available evidence, a negligible negative impact on health and is likely to have a significant positive one.

California has, it appears, launched a war on electronic cigarettes. It will perhaps give you some indication of how poorly-researched and dogmatically-biased the report is when Stanton Glantz, himself a world-class propagandist, described it thus….

It’s Time To Stand Up For Vaping

The first of a Fergus Mason double bill

None of us want to have to fight for our rights, but the pressure on vaping is building up again. To avoid excessive laws on electronic cigarettes we all need to make our voices heard.

Most vapers, when they switched, were probably just looking for an easier life. That’s a good plan because vaping does make your life easier; you save money, don’t have to spend so much time clearing up ash and if your local is any good you don’t need to stand out in the street for a quick puff either. Probably, for 99% of vapers, political activism is the last thing they’re interested in. Most likely you’re one of that 99%.

Well, I have some bad news for you…..

Lying It Up At The Hotel California

More on

The recent formaldehyde fiasco reminded us, if anyone needed it, that we can’t expect a lot in the way of integrity from the weird coalition of temperance zealots, tobacco companies, pharma manufacturers and crackpots who’re opposed to electronic cigarettes. The California Department of Public Health have just upped the ante spectacularly, though. Their latest “State health officer’s report”, released yesterday, is a breathtakingly dishonest document that manages to cram just about every myth, distortion, misrepresentation and outright lie about vaping into its 32 pages. I know a little about propaganda and this is one of the most egregious examples I’ve seen that wasn’t actually printed in Pyongyang – a place Sacramento increasingly acts like a suburb of…

Nicotine Science and Policy – Daily Digest – Thu, 29 January 2015

 The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) has come out against electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes), releasing a new report on Wednesday

Today brings evidence that not only is the misinformation coming from many electronic cigarette opponents unethical because it violates the public health principles of transparency and honesty, but the propaganda campaign is actually working.

When Marty Weinstein decided to quit smoking, he took a friend’s advice and tried electronic cigarettes rather than government-approved nicotine replacement products.



E-cigarette health scare erupts as officials highlight “serious” cancer risk of vaping

Now even the Mirror are in on it. But there is a poll at the end of the BS

There is a lot of misinformation about e-cigarettes….


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