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 Louise Ross –  NHS Stop Smoking Service

Stop smoking success rates increased 20% when e-cigarettes were introduced into the process – Louise Ross. NHS Stop Smoking ServiceTweet-This

Clive Bates on Regulation

Too much regulation will take perfectly good products off the market.Tweet-This

Clive Bates on the TPD

The tobacco products directive is a wretched piece of legislation, full of rubbish.

Public Health England

We can’t ban e-cigs on the basis they look like cigarettesTweet-This

Sending people outside to vape could actually increase children’s exposure to vaping

Scale of harm with E-Cigs is much, much smaller, including secondhand exposure.Tweet-This

Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos

The most important toxins in cigarette smoke are missing – those that remain are orders of magnitude lower.Tweet-This

Risk reduction of E-Cigs is at least 95%, and probably 99%Tweet-This

Professor Hajek

No serious adverse effects with e-cigs have been found in any study.Tweet-This

E-Cigarettes Are Orders of Magnitudes Safer than Tobacco Cigarettes.Tweet-This

Saying e-cigs are 95% safer is not a medical claim, it is a truth.Tweet-This

Professor Bauld

E-Cig gateway theories are just that – Theories.Tweet-This

Professor West

At a very conservative estimate, E-Cigs have saved at least 10,000 lives.Tweet-This

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