Month: December 2014

News 29-30th Dec 2014

Grocers light up as e-cigarette sales soar 50 per cent in a year Source: The Independant also published on E-cigarettes, sports nutrition bars and gluten and dairy-free food were the fastest growing products sold in UK supermarkets and grocers

The Enemies List

Worst Anti-Vaping Nuts Of 2014 Reprinted with kind permission of Ecigs Plaza Original article:   Electronic cigarettes come in for way more than their share of bad media attention, but a surprising amount of it is generated directly or indirectly

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Birmingham – The Mailbox

Anniversary Vape Meet 11th Jan 11am We’ll be at the Birmingham meet which will be at the following location… The Mailbox, Royal Mail Street, Birmingham, B1 1RD That’s the address that will get you to the car park… More details

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Christmas News Update

Thank The Children Since the dawn of time youth has a privilege. The privilege to rebel against ossificated, corrupt, intolerant, lying, cheating, oppressive systems. Especially if the ruling classes, mobs, or ideologists have betrayed themselves and their initial goals on

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Vaping Truth Survey

A message from Kevin Crowley – Vaping Links This was originally posted as a comment to our news post but we thought it deserved a proper mention. A very interesting survey, with regular updates of results by Kevin, it certainly

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News 23rd – 24th Dec 2014

Christmas Eve Round Up A final collection of what’s in the news before Christmas. We will taking a break from daily updates over the festive period while the Anti Electronic Cigarette Brigade feast on their Public Health coffers! But we

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Cardiff 11th Jan 2015

Cardiff Anniversary Vape Meet 2015 The Welsh Vapers are being a bit different. We are holding ours outside ITV Wales News studios in Cardiff Bay…just around the corner from The Welsh Assembly buildings. 3 Assembly Square, Cardiff Bay, CF10 4PL.

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News 22nd Dec 2014

A Quiet Day! Have PH/TC Closed for Christmas?! Olivier Cucuron has  made a poster for anyone organising a Flash Mob on the  11th Jan. Click the picture above for biggerness or pop over to the Facebook Group Congressional E-Cigarette Opponents

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News 20th – 21st Dec 2014

A Quiet Weekend Round Up The Worst Letter of 2014 – a review Clive Bates scythes through the deniers and objectors. If we did awards then this would win most of them! To dismiss vapers as ‘industry shills’ or ‘astroturf’, which

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Bristol Flash Mob

Cribbs Causeway . Bristol Vape Meet Last year, on the 11th Jan, 20 or so (more than 10 anyway) of us gathered in the cold outside the BBC offices on Whiteladies Road. This year (to save you from tears) we’re

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