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Thank The Children

Since the dawn of time youth has a privilege. The privilege to rebel against ossificated, corrupt, intolerant, lying, cheating, oppressive systems. Especially if the ruling classes, mobs, or ideologists have betrayed themselves and their initial goals on their way to predominance. Former “champions” succumbing to the lure of filthy lucre and power. It is the inalienable right of the youth to show them the finger with a heartfelt “Eff you!”.

E-cigarettes being sold in prison shops in smoking ban pilot

Prisoners are being allowed to smoke e-cigarettes as part of a pilot scheme that could lead to a jail smoking ban.

BBC News has learned that a brand of disposable e-cigarettes has been on sale in three prisons for two months.

Race to Deliver Nicotine’s Punch, With Less Risk

NEUCHATEL, Switzerland — Deep inside a modernist research center on the edge of a mountain lake here, automated smoking machines sample the future of nicotine.Scientists at Philip Morris International are experimenting with ways to deliver nicotine — Big Tobacco’s addictive lifeblood — that are less hazardous than cigarettes but still pack the drug’s punch and smoking’s other pleasures.

Why every e-cigarette user should be a free market libertarian

Originally published in July 2014 by Christopher Snowdon

If you have a perfectly competitive market, with no barriers to entry, lots of sellers and homogenous products, an economist would expect to see lower prices and greater innovation as competitors strive to be the top dog. That is exactly what has happened in the e-cigarette market. It has been to the benefit of consumers…..

The Australian Ambush

Is it any wonder that Australia has become the epicentre of the persecution of people who enjoy tobacco? In the light of improving knowledge, it is clear that Australia was set up, in much the same way that Ireland was set up. It was all pre-planned some time ago.

Electronic cigarettes: getting the science right and communicating it accurately

Not a new article, but a worthy reminder to anyone publishing articles about Electronic Cigarettes

Failure to quantify: e.g., statement that e-cigarette vapour contains toxins so creating the impression that they are dangerous as cigarettes, without indicating that the concentrations are typically orders of magnitude less than tobacco smoke

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