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A message from Kevin Crowley – Vaping Links

This was originally posted as a comment to our news post but we thought it deserved a proper mention. A very interesting survey, with regular updates of results by Kevin, it certainly could do with more support from the UK/EU:-

Hello to you all on from across the pond!

The coverage for this survey is important in so many ways. Our vaping community can point to anyone contemplating vaping as a way to stop smoking straight to this survey and its results to date.

The false, misleading, irresponsible & intimidating media, health, various officials, Governments & W.H.O. worldwide we all know so well motivated me to do this.

This survey in part, will be a place anyone can go and look at these results to make an informed decision with balance from US who VAPE, which is the attention it deserves.

This survey is not controlled, manipulated or contrived information. It’s “The Vaping Truth”, with comments from any of you who’ve chosen to leave them.

It’s up to 3,620 survey takers at the moment of this post.

I created this completely unfunded & unsponsored survey, “amateur” as some may end up saying. I will admit that I am just a guy who took some initiative without experience, and others will (and have) admit in its own right, this has brought POWERFUL & indisputable results and positive light to our cause to date.

I so very much appreciate the attention you’ve brought to it! The goal is to have absolute awareness about vaping FROM vapers. 100,000 IS my goal for responses. I must say at this point
THANK YOU to ALL who’ve engaged this, that have retweeted, and posted on facebook and hope more DO! That’s how it got to where it is. I thank you for having it here as well.

You can find me on the link above, it also shows my twitter/facebook accounts as needed.

Just in case:

Keep ON #Vaping ON.

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