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Christmas Eve Round Up

A final collection of what’s in the news before Christmas. We will taking a break from daily updates over the festive period while the Anti Electronic Cigarette Brigade feast on their Public Health coffers! But we will be keeping an eye on the news and anything of note will appear in your news feeds!

We would like to wish all of our Subscribers, Followers, Tweeters and Contributors a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

And in the words of Dave Dorn:

“Vape On. Vape Hard, and Don’t Let The Bastards Grind You Down!”



The idea that there are SO few positive places on the internet about vaping – that I could google-got me to thinking. We NEED somewhere someone can GO, and see what the numbers are, the thoughts are, the comments are. What ARE the concerns, what helps. Youtube gave me a few answers.

Excellent News As E-Cigarette, Or Vaping, Use Rises


Daily cigarette smoking has decreased markedly over the past five years (almost 50 percent) across all grades. For eighth graders, it dropped to 1.4 percent compared to 2.7 percent five years ago. Among 10th graders, it dropped to 3.2 percent compared to 6.3 percent five years ago. Among high school seniors, it dropped to 6.7 percent, down from 8.5 percent last year and 11.2 percent five years ago

Senator Durbin Asks Attorneys General to Violate the Constitution

I am all for regulating the marketing of electronic cigarettes so that it does not target youth. However, I submit that measures to accomplish this should represent legitimate (i.e., constitutionally valid) government actions

NSP News Review

Survey results released last week indicate that use of electronic cigarettes by American teenagers continues to rise, even as their use of conventional cigarettes continues to fall. You might think these diverging trends would give pause to critics who worry that e-cigarettes are “reglamorizing” the old-fashioned, combustible kind.

Your Days are Numbered

Straight talking from Frank Davis

I must say that I really enjoy how antismoking zealots are falling out with each other over e-cigs. It’s enough to go buy some popcorn and a few beers, and sit back watching the action with a big grin.

These are people who’ve all devoted their lives to attacking and demonising and excluding smokers (and now vapers), largely at public expense, and now they’re all attacking and demonising each other.

Three e-cigarette TV adverts banned

Three television adverts for electronic cigarettes have been banned, just weeks after the rules were changed so people could be shown using them.

Two of the adverts featured a woman exhaling vapour which, according to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), appeared to glamourise the smoking of tobacco products.

New laws from 1 January 2015

False Documents supporting a $9108 fine for possessing Electronic Cigarettes containing nicotine

The Queensland Parliament has amended the Tobacco and Other Smoking Products Act 1998 (Tobacco Act) to capture electronic cigarettes as smoking products. Electronic cigarettes will now be subject to the same laws as regular cigarettes, from 1 January 2015

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One comment on “News 23rd – 24th Dec 2014
  1. Hello to you all on from across the pond!

    The coverage for this survey is important in so many ways. Our vaping community can point to anyone contemplating vaping as a way to stop smoking straight to this survey and its results to date.

    The false, misleading, irresponsible & intimidating media, health, various officials, Governments & W.H.O. worldwide we all know so well motivated me to do this.

    This survey in part, will be a place anyone can go and look at these results to make an informed decision with balance from US who VAPE, which is the attention it deserves.

    This survey is not controlled, manipulated or contrived information. It’s “The Vaping Truth”, with comments from any of you who’ve chosen to leave them.

    It’s up to 3,230 survey takers at the moment of this post.

    I created this completely unfunded & unsponsored survey, “amateur” as some may end up saying. I will admit that I am just a guy who took some initiative without experience, and others will (and have) admit in its own right, this has brought POWERFUL & indisputable results and positive light to our cause to date.

    I so very much appreciate the attention you’ve brought to it! The goal is to have absolute awareness about vaping FROM vapers. 100,000 IS my goal for responses. I must say at this point
    THANK YOU to ALL who’ve engaged this, that have retweeted, and posted on facebook and hope more DO! That’s how it got to where it is. I thank you for having it here as well.

    You can find me on the link above, it also shows my twitter/facebook accounts as needed.

    Just in case:

    Keep ON #Vaping ON.

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