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TECHNICAL INFORMATION FOR VAPERS By Roberto Sussman* and Carmen Escrig ** * Institute for Nuclear Sciences, National University of México UNAM. Physics PhD. Director of Pro-Vapeo México AC ** Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain. Biology PhD specialized in Virology. Coordinator …


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The 4th annual Global Forum on Nicotine The 4th annual Global Forum in Nicotine was held in Warsaw from 15-17 June and has been widely hailed as the best GFN yet. Please visit the GFN website to view the presentation …

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  Vaping In The News–March 26th–April 1st, 2017 New Zealand ~ Neal Asher On Vaping ~ E-cigarette-Research Fundraiser ~ The Thunder from Down Under ~ Cigar Industry Lawsuit Against FDA Delayed ~ New Nicotine Alliance ~ Harm Reduction Drives Younger …

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Dr Christopher Russell: Of the many issues addressed by the U.S. Surgeon General in his report on “E-Cigarettes and Young People”, published today, I find the following paragraph characterises an attitude that is, for whatever reason, negligent of the work conducted by so many scientists in the UK, Europe and the United States on the potential for e-cigarettes to reduce substantially more harm than they cause.

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The second in our two-part series carrying on from : Eyewitness: E-Cigarette Summit ’16 Gillian Eva Golden’s perceptive and very readable account of her day at the Summit. To start on a personal note, being a vaper and living in …

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Impressions of the 2016 E-Cigarette Summit.

We asked ten people who attended the 2016 E-Cigarette Summit for their thoughts on the day.

Thank you to Sarah Jakes, Ian Gray, Catherine Kimber, Richard Hyslop, Louise Ross, James Dunworth, Andy Morrison, Paul Barnes, Ian Green and Gillian Eva Golden for taking the time to write such thought provoking and interesting accounts.

Read on for the story behind the slides…

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I really hate to say it but the more time I spend on social media, the more time I want to find a way out of this industry and open a store doing something else… anything else. The ignorance and fighting amongst each other before AND even more so after the shit hit the fan when the deeming FDA regulations were published simply disgusts me. I think to myself… this is what we’re trying to protect?!

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The fight against unreasonable e-cigarette regulations by consumers and organizations have been nothing less than fierce from both sides of the pond. The difference between two continents – allies in the world – is similar, and astoundingly different. The regulations set forth in the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) and the now released Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are claimed to “protect public health”.

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Seasonal Greetings to One and All – As youngsters,it used to be a traditional treat at year-end and Christmas time to read such as the Dandy, Beano or indeed Dan Dare in the Eagle in their festive assembled annuals.

We cannot guarantee similar pleasure here, but our offering is to select from our published ‘Daily News’, the outstanding (to us) articles or blogs over the previous 12 months. As a slight warning: it’s lengthy…..maybe tackle it month by month, and bookmark items of interest you may have missed previously.

2015 has seen much change in the THR world,especially since the landmark Public Health England report. The women we shall include in this years award have contributed enormously to the introduction of an evidence based pragmatic approach,largely but not solely confined to the UK.

We feel it appropriate that we update our 2014 version to include some additional names. There is no particular order or rank in this list of names (all have contributed equally).

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