Women of The Year Awards 2015


2015 has seen much change in the THR world,especially since the landmark Public Health England report. The women we shall include in this years award have contributed enormously to the introduction of an evidence based pragmatic approach,largely but not solely confined to the UK.

We feel it appropriate that we update our 2014 version to include some additional names. There is no particular order or rank in this list of names (all have contributed equally).


Louise Ross

Leicester Stop Smoking Services Manager and the original e-cig friendly service pioneer. Read this for a flavour of the work Louise is doing, and watch her (at GFN Warsaw) in action here.



Lorien Jollye

NNA trustee and advocate gave a breathtaking account of a ‘typical week’ in her life here, highlighting the largely unheralded efforts that she and the NNA are regularly undertaking. Lorien was typically lucid in this recent appearance at the ‘Battle of Ideas’ here

Sarah-JakesSarah Jakes

NNA Secretary and Trustee similarly unstinting with her time,effort and effectiveness in getting the NNA to be a credible ‘go to’ organisation and stakeholder,widely recognised by influential policy makers. Sarah appeared in a panel debate at the recent E-Cigarette Summit here


Kirsty-Williams-2015-WOTYKirsty Williams

Kirsty has consistently challenged and voted against the evidence-free provisions in the Welsh Public Health Bill with some very memorable fiery exchanges with Mark Drakeford. The 8th December plenary debate a fine example of that here (Kirsty from 36m :44s in)

Linda-BauldProf. Linda Bauld

Has continued with her highly influential evidence based approach, innumerable media appearances,evidence sessions to regulators (Wales and Scotland), newspaper articles (The Conversation and the Guardian, a very crucial one just recently, following a scaremongering media frenzy here) are just a flavour of her activities. You can view Linda in action here and here


Prof. Ann McNeill

Researcher and tobacco cessation expert, co-authored with Professor Peter Hajek the evidence update, leading to the landmark Public Health England announcement. Despite criticism from a rogue element in Public Health she vigorously defended the report here, and this message from Denmark would be echoed around the world, thanking the authors and PHE for giving the very clear pragmatic message.

Marewa-Glover-2015-WOTYDr Marewa Glover

Has been involved in smoking cessation in New Zealand for many years, her appearance at the Global Forum for Nicotine was interesting. This conference appeared to give Marewa renewed energy to promote THR in New Zealand and thus achieving Smokefree status by encouraging the alternatives(as consumer products) to tobacco cigarettes,as opposed to outdated and limited policies based around further smoker demonization and increased taxation.


Trish Fraser

Also from New Zealand, Trish was a former Head of ASH  and met Dave & Gill Dorn in a recent visit by the couple to New Zealand. Dave was increasingly impressed by what she had to say about e-cigs & THR…enuff said!

Lisa-McNally-2015-WOTYDr Lisa McNally

leads the Bracknell Forest Public Health team which has adopted an evidence based e-cig friendly approach see here. All Public Health professionals hopefully will adopt a similar bias-free approach.

Sairah-Salim-Sartoni-2015-WOTYSairah Salim-Sartoni

Has shown exactly what a Stop Smoking Service practitioner could achieve by adopting an e-cig friendly approach. Sairah met with vapers in an informal setting (and on twitter) prior to launching several workshops that have proven to be of great use to smokers and fellow practitioners alike read more here

Nicky-Coote-Woolmore-2015-WOTYNicky Coote-Woolmore

Has adopted an e-cig friendly approach in Harrow, one of her meetings reported upon by Paul Barnes here

Kellie-Ann-2015-WOTYKellie Ann

The penultimate entry comes from Canada. Kellie Ann is highly influential in Canada, and produced this excellent and highly useful guide

Elaine-Keller-2015-WOTYElaine Keller

retired from the presidency of Casaa in April 2014 it seems only fitting that she is mentioned for her fantastic efforts over the years. This 2015 blog gives a tiny flavour of Elaine, with her ever perceptive and in this case heartfelt commentary.

Special mention should also be made regarding the valued contributions from the following women:

Katherine Devlin (ECITA)
Gillian Golden (IVVA)
Carmen Escrig (MOVE)
Donna Darvill (NNA Aus & 2016 keynote speaker at GFN)
Jessica Harding & Abi Cott (VIP)
Sav (VTTV)
Julie WoessnerKristin Noll-Marsh (Casaa)
Cynthia Cabrera (SFATA)
Rebecca Ruwhiu

There is an endless list really and huge apologies to anyone missing from this ad-hoc collection for 2015.


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9 comments on “Women of The Year Awards 2015
  1. Nige R says:

    A formidable list of knowledgable and determined women.
    Congrats to all, very well deserved.

    Thanks for all you do.

    A Vaper.

  2. Congratulations to all of you wonderful ladies. Your diligence and hard work humbles me to know us former smokers who may otherwise have simply succumbed to the realization we may die as a result of smoking because few dared to care. Thank you and God Bless. <3

  3. Louise Ross says:

    Honoured to be listed, proud to be active, humbled by the other women named

  4. I LOVE this stunning & exemplary list!

  5. Tess Ameloot says:

    I am so proud of, and thankful to, each and everyone one of you! You HAVE made a difference in saving the lives of billions of smokers & ex-smokers. We must stay focused and determined in this battle to save lives from tobacco-related disease against the governments and organizations that refuse to accept vaping as an effective THR alternative and would see us continue to suffer from smoking related diseases and ultimate death. We must step up our efforts to educate the general public and health professionals worldwide. Education is enlightenment and the ultimate eradication of the fears and misunderstandings associated with vaping.

  6. mikefelling@q.com says:

    A thank you to all of you, for all that you do and have done. Your dedication is inspiring.

  7. Lisa says:

    Amazed and honoured to be listed along side such a distinguished group – thanks so much!

  8. Broony says:

    Well done and well deserved by all these wonderful people may 2016 bring you ladies the rewards you all truly deserve

  9. Annette says:

    Well done all of the incredible women in this list.