Women of The Year Award 2014


Inspired or otherwise by a tweet from Rhydian Mann sent to Louise Ross @grannylouisa yesterday after her excellent radio interview on BBC R4 ‘You and Yours’



We believe that other names should be similarly honoured
Lorien Jollye and Sarah Jakes for their tireless and unstinting advocacy efforts .

Linda-BauldAnn-McNeillLynne-DawkinsHazel Cheeseman

Kirsty Williams AM, Prof Linda Bauld (UKCTAS..etc), Prof Ann McNeill,
Dr Lynne Dawkins, Hazel Cheeseman (ASH) all of whom have bravely stood against the negative propaganda and non-evidence based war against Vaping.

These ladies along with Louise have a difficult role to protect a neutral objective stance, whilst having a belief that Vaping has a very valuable part to play in reducing smoking rates.

So all 8 names are saluted.

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One comment on “Women of The Year Award 2014
  1. Louise Ross says:

    What can I say? It’s a privilege and an honour, and I look up to the other women on this list. I’m so pleased to see the progress made this year, against all odds