Author: Alan Beard

2015 has seen much change in the THR world,especially since the landmark Public Health England report. The women we shall include in this years award have contributed enormously to the introduction of an evidence based pragmatic approach,largely but not solely confined to the UK.

We feel it appropriate that we update our 2014 version to include some additional names. There is no particular order or rank in this list of names (all have contributed equally).

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The best way to ensure smoke without ire The surging popularity of electronic cigarettes has prompted calls for regulation, bans, or prescriptions on the NHS. Now a group of users say that the controversial devices need something more important: an …

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Inspired or otherwise by a tweet from Rhydian Mann sent to Louise Ross @grannylouisa yesterday after her excellent radio interview on BBC R4 ‘You and Yours’ We believe that other names should be similarly honoured Lorien Jollye and Sarah …

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Grocers light up as e-cigarette sales soar 50 per cent in a year Source: The Independant also published on E-cigarettes, sports nutrition bars and gluten and dairy-free food were the fastest growing products sold in UK supermarkets and grocers …

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Worst Anti-Vaping Nuts Of 2014 Reprinted with kind permission of Ecigs Plaza Original article:   Electronic cigarettes come in for way more than their share of bad media attention, but a surprising amount of it is generated directly or indirectly …

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A message from Kevin Crowley – Vaping Links This was originally posted as a comment to our news post but we thought it deserved a proper mention. A very interesting survey, with regular updates of results by Kevin, it certainly …

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Cribbs Causeway . Bristol Vape Meet Last year, on the 11th Jan, 20 or so (more than 10 anyway) of us gathered in the cold outside the BBC offices on Whiteladies Road. This year (to save you from tears) we’re …

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We all know that EFVI didn’t succeed as we wished… In order to deliver our message to the media, we will need to get all onboard. You will need to gather vapers and supporters and do a vape flashmob : …

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