Bristol Flash Mob


Cribbs Causeway . Bristol Vape Meet

Last year, on the 11th Jan, 20 or so (more than 10 anyway) of us gathered in the cold outside the BBC offices on Whiteladies Road.

This year (to save you from tears) we’re in the warm!

French vapers have decided to hold a flashmob.

Basically, and because we’re from the friendliest part of the UK, we’re going to show our support.

The thing is, the TPD will change vaping (winter is coming), and if we don’t register our displeasure – even if we don’t change anything – then (forgive me) we’re a bunch of sheep. So, we’re meeting in Cribbs Causeway at noon (don’t know exactly where yet) and bloody doing something!
A Facebook has been setup by Richard Pruen. View it HERE

Many thanks to Liam Bryan for the words!

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