News 20th – 21st Dec 2014


A Quiet Weekend Round Up

The Worst Letter of 2014 – a review

Clive Bates scythes through the deniers and objectors. If we did awards then this would win most of them!

To dismiss vapers as ‘industry shills’ or ‘astroturf’, which they are not, and, quite reasonably, find offensive. We don’t have to look too far for an example, because it is right here in this letter: the claim that social media behaviour is ‘orchestrated’ and citation 4 provide the necessary offensive innuendo.

Mythical Beasts

See how it works yet? – Christopher Snowdon

We are delighted that the Government is to press ahead with regulations to prohibit smoking in cars containing children. As with the smoke-free public places law, this is a popular measure that will largely be self-enforcing

It’s different when they do it (part deux)

Jo Lincoln savages FPH on their past record and yet another crass tweet

Imagine, if you would for a moment, that somebody were to lend their tacit endorsement to an image that perpetuated the worst stereotypes that one would associate with… well I dunno; black people, homosexuals, muslims, jews, or let’s be honest just about any group you care to think of.

UKNSCC – UK Nicotine & Smoking Cessation Conference

Thursday 11th & Friday 12th June 2015 – Hilton Manchester Deansgate

What we’ve learned from service users who vape : building our skills around behavioural support – Louise Ross, Stop Smoking Service Manager, Leicester

Rising teen e-cigarette use hardly a calamity

Good Editorial from Review Journal

Bingo, professor. Come collect your prize. If some teens are going to smoke (and they are), then having them vape an e-cigarette — which provides a dose of nicotine without secondhand smoke — is far better than them smoking a cigarette loaded with tar…

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