It’s a doozy

Sorry in advance for the rant…

But apparently you guys keep asking for them so here you go. It’s a doozy.

I really hate to say it but the more time I spend on social media, the more time I want to find a way out of this industry and open a store doing something else… anything else. The ignorance and fighting amongst each other before AND even more so after the shit hit the fan when the deeming FDA regulations were published simply disgusts me. I think to myself… this is what we’re trying to protect?! I keep having to remind myself it represents only a mere fraction of “vapers”. The online “community” is a minority. People walking into vape shops looking for a way to quit or be healthy aren’t interested in ANY of this stupid shit. But to those online… it’s their ENTIRE life. It’s starting to sicken me. Literally.

When I say we’re a minority, I mean it. Most people who vape don’t go online to talk about it. When I smoked I didn’t hop on the internet and discuss my brand, whether or not it was flavored, menthol, normal, slim, medium, king sized, or 100’s. I didn’t record myself doing “stupid human tricks” or trash talk other smokers for the way they smoked their cigarette. I didn’t take photos of my smokes next to the various things I carried in my pockets or pose them for glamour shots.

Now when the MAJORITY of the PUBLIC visit or encounter a vaper, they’re being presented with what’s called a first impression that common sense would dictate someone would actually care about providing if they wanted to keep something that’s potentially lengthening their lives. When the MAJORITY or PUBLIC visit shops now, they’re offered kits and liquids that simply don’t help them stop smoking. Shops now cater to people who already vape. High VG liquids for clouds, high temperature\wattage batteries, sub-ohm coils and atomizers, and low nicotine liquids because clearly they sell to the regulars and those are the people they now care about. The failure rate for “conversions” has skyrocketed. You’re failing smokers.

Smokers are not coming into these shops anymore now. Vapers are. Smokers are now going back into gas stations and picking up big tobacco’s version. They go home. They work. They live their lives. and either they vape, or they fail and go back to smoking. They’re not heading down to the shop where all the regulars are hanging out fogging out the joint while some kid behind the counter ignores him or tries selling him a 200w box mod and some “dope ass drips” that comes in a bottle that looks like a candy wrapper.

The online MINORITY is dictating the market instead of what we all started doing this for…. we wanted to quit smoking or find an alternative to something that was by all means KILLING US. Shops are now effectively marketing and catering to a minority and don’t even realize it. It blows my mind. The potential for more has always been there, how it wound up this way boggles my mind. It’s supposed to be about one thing… ditching analogs… and last time I checked there are millions of smokers. Why model everything around the few who happen to be buying what they like seeing online? Do you have any idea how many people walk in off the street into shops every day that you’re now ignoring? I mean I get it, I do. You want to make what sells. But perhaps you’ve been going about it the wrong way? Aren’t you forgetting a few million people?

And don’t even get me started on trademark infringement, marketing to youth, and other fuckery… especially from what we used to respect as LEADERS in this industry. Simply put, fuck you. You know better.

I started vaping to be healthy. Smoking was literally killing me. I began working in the industry marketing for a local shop in my area and doing IT work. A few years later I started a business because I enjoyed what I became a part of. I started a second project to help others do the same to quit and some really great friends in the industry donated THOUSANDS of liquids and kits to help people kick the habit. Then I wound up taking on a third project and decided it was time to own a shop. I wanted to offer people the same chance at a healthier lifestyle that I had. And now… there is a good chance that it may all come to an end.

I don’t want to see your fucking clouds, your disrespect, your ignorance, and I sure as shit don’t want to see you passing around false information, F&$K the FDA messages/photos, or anything else giving the public a poor perception of a healthy solution to the restraints and complications of combustible tobacco.

I like my nicotine. Just like I like caffeine. Nicotine in of itself isn’t going to harm me. Nicotine combined with flavoring agents, PG, and VG isn’t going to harm me. I like the fact I can obtain my nicotine by vaping… without combusting thousands of toxic substances that may shorten or end my life. And I like the fact I can help others find the same path.

The deeming regulations were literally just posted on Thursday May 5th. 500 pages. Thousands of supporting documents and various studies. And you’re immediately reacting as if you know what the hell you’re talking about? Screaming F%$K THE FDA while blowing clouds on YouTube and making asses of yourselves… and all of us in the process?! Signing pointless petitions (half of which published years ago lol) written by people who barely slid through 8th grade by the skin of their teeth?

Calm thy tits, folks. Please stop the idiocy. And if you’re going to try and help, don’t pass on information you have not fact checked.

We’ve spent the past few years raising money towards advocacy efforts for a reason. Let them do their jobs, and if they require your help… you’ll be properly informed.


Nobody fucking special.  A smoker who found a better way and would like to keep it.

Originally posted on Facebook by Chris Johnson 9th May 2016 – Reproduced here with kind permission for the benefit of our Non-Facebook using subscribers


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2 comments on “It’s a doozy
  1. castello2 says:

    I blame Grimms neck tattoo. It’s been downhill since then.

  2. Todd says:

    Nice to see not everyone in the United States doesn’t have their head up their asses blowing clouds. Can we hear more from this guy instead of the other useless blowhards? Who is he? Where can he be reached for comments?