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  Tuesday’s News at a glance: Video Resource for THR Advocates & Policy Makers – What Is ‘The Best Nicotine Delivery Device in the World’? – We Used Terrible Science to Justify Smoking Bans – Children favour e-cigarettes over tobacco …

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I really hate to say it but the more time I spend on social media, the more time I want to find a way out of this industry and open a store doing something else… anything else. The ignorance and fighting amongst each other before AND even more so after the shit hit the fan when the deeming FDA regulations were published simply disgusts me. I think to myself… this is what we’re trying to protect?!

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Mondays News at a glance: Health Nuts or Nutty Health? – Is It Just Me, or Have Anti-Tobacco Activists Completely Lost Sight of the Goal? – Community Service – Assessing the potential impact of unintended consequences of a vaping ban in Wales …

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Tuesdays News at a glance: An interview with a Dutch vaping advocate .. The Face of Big Vaping .. Nicotine makes you smarter. Journalists need some urgently .. Another scare story about e-cigarettes. What we should be worrying about is sugar .. A Moral …

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Fridays News at a glance: Why Totally Wicked has ECITA’s wholehearted support. … Conflicts of Interest Exposed, FDA Reorganizes Tobacco Advisory Panel … Norwegian Union of Vapers demands to be heard! Help needed! … Public health experts talking sense about e-cigarettes and vaping …

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