Petition to the German Parliament


Important Update!

First petition now finally online:  “Don’t implement Art 20 TPD!”$$$.a.u.html
Deadline: 2016-01-20

Originally Posted on Facebook Reproduced here for easy access for Non-Facebook users

There are some petitions planned directly to the German Parliament (“Bundestag”) that’ll need international support. These are NOT the run-of-the-mill online petitions. They really have the potential to move something. Any petition that reaches the threshold of 50000 signatures within a month gets a chance to be presented personally in a open session of the Parliament. Unfortunately the chances of getting that much support from German vapers alone is a pipe dream.Fortunately, EVERYBODY may support such a petition. Actually, getting a lot of international support could cause quite a stir by itself, since that usually doesn’t happen. So, even if we don’t manage to jump that hurdle, chances are good that the politicians may finally notice that there is more to vaping than what the local ANTZ and their cronies tell them.This is the official site of the government. You need to register once before supporting parliamental petitions. After that supporting is just one click after logging in. They insist on real personal data. And more than the usual online petition. Fake data would only cause harm if found out. So, please, don’t be too creative here.
This registration is a prerequisite for supporting petitions.



How to register to sign petitions at the official German Parliament (Bundestag) site.
This is a part of their web site which they only offer in German. I’ll describe the inputs:
1. Don’t check this. This is only for german electronic id cards.
2. Your email address. This is also what you’ll use to log in later
3. Chose a password. It must be at least 8 characters long and contain one upper case, one lower case letter, and one other (number or special character)
4. int that the password isn’t acceptable yet.
5. Repeat the password
6. –
7. Optional: Your nickname. you can only choose it once. No changing later. Your real name is never shown publicly. It’s either your nick or a generated numbered id that is shown.
8. Optional: Check this if you want (optional) posts in the forum to be signed with your nick (7). Unchecked they’ll use that generated id.
9. Mandatory: Confirms that you have read data protection declaration and how your data are used. (links)
10. Mandatory: Confirms that you accept the terms of use (link)Now the address data. Please answer truthfully. Fakes would cast doubt on all signatures.
11. Select if you male (Herr) or female (Frau)
12. Optional: A title (Dr, Ph D, …)
13. Mandatory: First name
14. Mandatory: Last name
15. Optional: c/o
16. Mandatory: Street and number
17. Mandatory: numeric postal code
18. Mandatory: town
19. Mandatory: Select your country! (UK use “GB – Great Britain”)
20. Optional: name of your organisation or company
21. Optional: phone number
22. Finish registration

If I remember correctly you’ll then get a mail with a link to confirm you registration. If you want to translate this to other languages, you’re welcome to use this screen shot. Please leave a link to your translation in the comments. or post it as comment, too.

A more compact version of this how-to as a FB-photo:

En français:

Italian translation:

German site coordinating and organising these petitions:


To sign a petition you just click on the link to the petition$$$.a.u.html
and you’ll see a screen like:


1. “Petition mitzeichnen” means: “Sign Petition”. Click here to do it.
– If you aren’t logged in, this will take you to the login screen.
– If you already are logged in this is all you need to do to sign.
– If it says “Mitzeichnung entfernen”, then you already have signed this petition and clicking here will remove your signature again.

2. optional “Anmelden” means “login”. This button is on every page. It also takes you to a slightly different login screen. When it says “Abmelden” it means you already are logged in and you may log out here.


When you clicked on “Petition mitzeichnen” you’ll usually see this screen:

1. “Ich bin bereits registriert” means: “I’m already registered”. ‘
This is the screen you usually stay on, if you already have registered once.
2. “Ich bin neu hier” means: “I’m new here”.
Click here if you haven’t registered yet. It will take you to the registration screen.
3. Don’t check this. It’s only for Germans with a new electronic ID card and a reader.
4. Enter the email address you gave during the registration.
5. Enter your password here
You may click here if you forgotten your password. You’ll get some mail.
7. Select this option, if you want your name to appear in the list of supporters. (Please do.)
8. If this is selected your signature only shows with an anonymous name like “user12345”
9. “Jetzt anmelden und mitzeichnen” means: “Log in now and sign the petition”.
When all else is filled, click here and you’re done.

German Petition – Plea for International Support

It’s that important that even Todd is in his shed on a Sunday…

Many thanks to Norbert @N_Zillatron for the translation

Originally Posted on Facebook Reproduced for ease of access for Non-Facebook users

50 comments on “Petition to the German Parliament
  1. Miggymaus says:

    All German Vapors will say Thank You to all British Friends. We need the international Power.

    Thank You <3

  2. Wendy M says:

    Well, I’ve done my ‘duty’ and registered and signed. Rather hard work compared to some petitions but hopefully worth it. DID notice after I’d signed that it looks as though well over 15,000 people have already signed up so my fingers are firmly crossed that this WILL actually work and maybe even lead to a result!!
    Mostly just wanted to encourage other Brits to battle through all the instructions and sign up as well, plus say ‘thanks’ for giving such good instructions about which bits you need to fill in – I don’t think I’d have managed without the help.
    Well done for promoting this and Happy New Year to all involved.

    • Michael P Hawkins says:

      Well Wendy i just did it thankfully they gave precise directions, being from U.S of A I don’t read any German. But we need to help our fellow vapors. When i signed up i was the 33386 person on the list.

      • Wendy M says:

        Well done, Michael – and in fact everyone else who has signed whether they found it easy to do or not!! I asked to get notification every time someone else comments here, and it looks a bit like this is beginning to snowball/trend or whatever the current buzzphrase is – at last! This gives me real hope that the 50,000 target might be reached.

        Just in case some of the recent signatories who’ve come along are active in forums in the US or wherever, can I ask that you go back and post there AGAIN to encourage yet more people to sign up too? OK, it ISN’T easy if you don’t speak German but it IS possible so please keep trying till it works, guys.

        This is real people power in action and it’s really doing my heart good to see this.

    • Andy Topala says:

      Shared with the romanian vapers community. Vape on brothers!

  3. Andreas Deppenbrock says:

    I too would like our British steamer to take this opportunity to sincerely danken.Weiter way. If you need our help; just write in the German steamer groups on Facebook and we are there for you

  4. herr_k says:

    thx for great support

  5. Anca-Cristina Chiricuta says:

    We are signing it al over Europe. I’m from Romania and the vaping community is signing it here too.

  6. bennett says:

    e-cig is good for people, but no good for tobacco company, that’s the government’s duty to protect the people, not the companies.

  7. André S says:

    A little help from Portugal. Hope that the Germans reach the 50k signatures.

  8. Vlad_Baker says:

    THX from Germany… thanks for all your support up to now and keep on signing and sharing 🙂 BR Vlad

  9. David Fawcett says:

    Good luck from Las Vegas – Just Signed the petition looks like we have 33,410 signatures …I’m sure we can do this

  10. Ray says:

    Sorry, I want to help. this is too complicated. too bad

  11. Cliff Pearson says:

    I support vaping all over the world. I’m in support of German vapers also. I’m from the US and it’s sad that governments are trying to ban something which is helping people day to day. Our health etc, should be
    Important, it’s seems that it isn’t though. So I’ll stick to my vaping community and fight for what has help
    . Me along with many others.

  12. Barbara E. says:

    I signed it too. Though I’m an American, I visit Germany every year or so (most recently for 10 days in November). I was surprised that I didn’t see even one ecig, even during ‘smoke breaks’ at shows in Berlin and Hamburg.

  13. Julie Tews says:

    Vapors unite! One signature from Wisconsin, United States. Jump in everyone!

  14. Frank says:

    Got it, Good luck, Germany!

  15. T_dactyl_69 says:

    Support coming from Texas.

  16. Mark Christopher Reutens says:

    I am Mark Christopher Reutens here from Malaysia, World Vapers Unite against BTC, it it time we got back what was rightfully ours instead of being manipulated at all times.
    #ppvpp #penangvapers #right2vape #vapewithattitude

  17. Sonya says:

    Signed and hope it helps!

  18. Chris says:

    Thanks for the support guys!

  19. Lisa says:

    Done! Richmond, Virginia (CASAA member). Cheers to vapers world round!

  20. ron says:

    Git ‘err dunn.
    Some support and love from canada
    my friendly vape/steamer buds.

  21. Meinolf Berle says:

    Thanks for your Support! Please check on e-mail-Box that does not contain spaces (on begin/end). *sorry, for my english* ^^

  22. Steven says:

    You must click on the email they send you to be able to sign the petition. CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER! Since most people in the US or most countries other than Germany don’t get email in German, it makes sense for gmail (or most providers) to assume it’s spam.

    Pick up the pace people I was only #34586.

  23. Allison says:

    Offering support from Tennessee!

  24. Rangga Bayu says:

    Good Luck from Indonesia, All vapers unite we can do this germany!!

  25. FERGIE 7190 says:

    Hoping the signatures continue to grow for the cause.
    Much love from Detroit, keep on vaping.

  26. DerKlubbi says:

    After you signed, you’ll get an e-mail with a confirmation-link.
    Please make sure to click this link (or copy/paste it in your browser)
    to confirm your signing, otherwise it won’t count.

    Thanks a lot for your support.

  27. barbieq says:

    I wanted to sigh this but I don’t know german . I tried and tried with out no success. I did not understand the petition and could not find the English version.

    • Brett.R says:

      Just a thought….use Chrome if you can, I did. It helped translate the page, while following the instructions above.

  28. TexasKelly says:

    This is good, a united WORLD front. From Texas, U.S., I stand beside you.

  29. Prit says:

    signed petition from India, hope every little helps…

  30. Prit says:

    Mitzeichnen der Petition 61453

    Sie haben erfolgreich die Petition Verbraucherschutz – Keine Umsetzung von Artikel 20 Tabakproduktrichtlinie 2014/40/EU (elektronische Zigaretten) mitgezeichnet

    this is what it says, hope I got it right…

  31. Brad H. USA says:

    Good luck guys. You’ll be in my thoughts as we fight this fight.

  32. elisabeth gyllenswärd says:

    almost as if certain Governments are bought by certain corporations, in this case the Tobbacco corporations.

  33. Ed W says:

    Greetings and Support from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, U.S.A. Mine makes it 36,617 Hope you make it!

  34. Jay Etrom says:

    Well there’s my good deed for the day

    AL, U.S. Reporting in.

  35. Jordon says:

    Done, support coming from Michigan. Hope everything turns out! I’ve always wanted to visit Germany.

  36. pedro says:

    uma pequena colaboracao dos vapers (porto vaping)Portugal

  37. Brett.R says:

    Painless petition process.
    Hope the 50,000 is reached.

    Best wishes from Broken Hill, Australia

  38. Ashley says:

    I just signed – # 38,494!

  39. Amber says:

    joined the fight from sunny Florida

  40. Support from Indonesian Vaper. #39506

    Only 10,494 to go 😀

  41. VLindsay says:

    I hope I did this successfully. I saw my name listed and the number beside it was 41276.

  42. VIVA says:

    for anyone having trouble signing this petition, the google translate extension in chrome helps, i just click on link to petition, selected google translate and the page is easier to fill in

  43. VIVA says:

    support to Germany, Love, your Florida friends

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