ViP Call to Action 13th March


Vapers in Power CTA

How can YOU promote Vaping this week?

1. Sending Nick Clegg a message of support for his foray into the world of attys, mods and flavours: @nick_clegg or

2. Taking a look at the Vapers and Smokers Unite webpage – an international letter writing campaign that aims to target Health Ministers and our representatives in the week 17th-24th April: Vapers and Smokers Unite

3. Filling in our Politicians Attitudes to vaping form, with any info you know – and bookmarking it for when they come canvassing!  Politicians’ attitudes to vaping

Vapers In Power needs your help to field a candidate at the 2015 UK General Election. Pressure groups, trade organisations, lobbyists – all can be ignored but political candidates get airtime and are allowed to get their message across. We will not be the David that slays Goliath but with your support we WILL be the vipers that bite the political Goliaths at every opportunity. The very people who should look after us are killing us with lies, half truths and feigned ignorance.


Thank you everyone

Vapers In Power have done it already! Thanks to the commitment, belief and generosity of so many members of the vaping community, after only ten days of a month long crowd funding campaign VIP have raised the £1500 needed to put Liam Bryan forward as a political candidate in the 2015 General Election. Read More

We’re going to do it people. We can take advantage of all the perks and privileges electoral candidates enjoy to ensure our concerns and issues are part of the political agenda.

Liam and the team have plenty of hard work ahead in the coming weeks but it wouldn’t be possible without the support you’ve shown. The crowd funding will remain open for anyone who still wishes to donate – in many ways it means even more now. Now we know it’s definitely going to happen every penny helps to fund publicity and to raise the profile of both the party and the cause VIP are fighting for!
So thank you vapers of Great Britain (and beyond)! We have our funding and you have a candidate.
Raise a glass, pick up your mod and toast the future of the first ever political campaign for vapers!


Following the fantastic success of this crowd funding campaign we’re considering putting another candidate up for the UK General Election this May.
We’d like to invite anyone who thinks they have the mettle to be the next Vapers In Power candidate to come forward.
Bear in mind that you will need to be very committed, have time and be willing to speak to the media. You will also need a lot of local support and be eligible to stand as a candidate.

Please also look at this electoral commission link to see if you would be eligible to stand.

For more details about Vapers in Power:ViP-02

Visit their website:
Twitter: @vapers

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