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Vaper Of The Week – Nick Clegg .. E-cigarette ban ‘not an option’ .. Mr. Pharmacist – can you help me out today? .. The Complete Blindness of Some E-Cigarette Opponents: .. Vapers in Power Call to Action .. Connecticut should help smokers, not cigarette industry  .. More harmful things than e-cigs legally sold .. Australia told to harness e-cigarettes’ quitting power .. Nicotine Science and Policy – Daily Digest – Fri, 13 March 2015

Vaper Of The Week – Nick Clegg

The leader of the Liberal Democrats has just announced that he’s a vaper. So it’s kind of ironic that his party, when it was allowed a vote last year in the European Parliament, voted overwhelmingly to destroy vaping and force us all back to smoking.

In one of the less embarrassing admissions by a British politician this year Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has just revealed that he’s given up his long-term smoking habit in favour of an electronic cigarette.

E-cigarette ban ‘not an option’

Commons health committee calls for legalization:

It’s time to bring e-cigarettes in from the cold and regulate the devices as unique products that might pose some dangers, but could also help smokers quit a lethal habit, MPs have recommended in a rare all-party consensus.

The House of Commons’ health committee calls in a new report for ending the legal grey zone that surrounds the technology in Canada and implementing a new set of rules that balances the benefits and risks of “vaping.”

Mr. Pharmacist – can you help me out today?

…in your usual lovely way.

I must resist the temptation to reproduce the lyrics in full to the Fall’s seminal “Mr. Pharmacist” here. Not because I don’t want to but because that’s not what I came here for.

I came here because I just got back from the pharmacy. A couple of things I saw there made me go hmmm. Then something I heard made me go boom. Would you like to know what those things were….?

Vapers in Power Call to Action

Vapers In Power was created over fears that were confirmed when Article 20 section 5 was added to the TPD, a clause that could forbid the promotion of vaping . These proposals could affect Vaping forums, TV and Radio Stations, Vapemeets, advertising, etc.

We consider a registered political party with a manifesto could deter any such moves by the European Union or the UK government before they happen.  We also believe that should it then happen we will be well placed to confront such an abuse, with our status as a registered political party….

The Complete Blindness of Some E-Cigarette Opponents:

Re-Normalization Hypothesis Defies Science and Logic, Ideology Prevents Them from Thinking Straight:

In a position statement on electronic cigarettes published by the Canadian Pediatric Society, Dr. Richard Stanwick, its past president, opines that electronic cigarettes are a “gateway” to smoking that will renormalize smoking by “representing smoking as a socially acceptable public practice.”

Connecticut should help smokers, not cigarette industry

On the subject of public health, the Connecticut legislature is off to a very bad start. New measures have been introduced in both the Houses that would severely interfere with smokers’ ability to quit their deadly habit. Passing laws that re-define common words, such as “tobacco” and “smoke,” is a slippery slope. Using that subterfuge to torpedo a successful and safe smoking cessation method is the opposite of responsible lawmaking, antithetical to public health, and will wipe out many thriving, successful small businesses….

Haze Hour 12-03-15

Keith and Dave look at the headlines, consider what New Zealand is doing on ecigs (43m in), and, if time permits, have a look at the Revolver, a strange, yet interesting dual chambered atty tank.

More harmful things than e-cigs legally sold

The New Zealand ban on e-cigarettes, which give users a hit of tobacco vapour, has been condemned by a visiting health professional who claims not allowing the softer option to cigarettes does more harm than good. University of Queensland professor Wayne Hall is in the country to speak at an e-cigarette symposium at the University of Auckland, joining leading experts in calling for the prohibition to be lifted….

Australia told to harness e-cigarettes’ quitting power

According to a story in the Daily Telegraph relayed by the TMA, Simon Breheny, director of the Legal Rights Project at the business economics think tank Institute of Public Affairs in Melbourne, said the Therapeutic Goods Administration should recognize the benefits of electronic cigarettes, which Breheny described as possibly the “greatest tool in the fight against lung cancer”….

 Nicotine Science and Policy – Daily Digest – Fri, 13 March 2015



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