ViP Call to Action 21st March


Vapers in Power CTA

How can YOU promote Vaping this week?

1) Download the paper signature collection form from the Totally Wicked site, collect friends, families and colleagues details then send them to TW. The more signatures they get, the better they can demonstrate that their legal challenge is supported by consumers. Form (and address to post forms to) from this page:

2) They’re facing their own challenges in the US, city by city and state by state. The mother of them all though are the FDA Deeming Regs and they need comments! See this page for the link to comment and a guide:

3) Plucky underdog Vince van Heeden (the Australian small vendor refusing to back down for the good of us all) is nearly there! The beauty of crowdfunds is that you don’t have to give a large amount, it all quite literally adds up. He’s being prosecuted (and being made into a test case) based on a law prohibiting the sale of cigarette sweets! Read more and donate here:


Vapers In Power has found a new candidate: Billy Marsden, standing for Vapers In Power in Barnsley East.

Billy has been a vaper since May 2013 and is currently an English undergraduate at Sheffield Hallam University. The drafting of the TPD caused Billy to see the EU and politics in a totally different light. Alongside his studies so far Billy has been a bartender, performing arts teacher’s assistant, the lead singer in a local band and has been working in a vaping shop for the past two years, helping to educate the public about the true nature of e-cigs.Billy will be standing in Barnsley East.

This means we are now putting TWO candidates forward for the General Election in May. This is a fantastic opportunity to raise public awareness about vaping issues. We need the readies though! Please help us to share our crowdfunding link far and wide. Could you link it to your website? Ask vaping reviewers to shout it out? Tweet it to your followers?


For more details about Vapers in Power:ViP-02

Visit their website:
Twitter: @vapers

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