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Vaping Digest January 11th

Friday’s News at a glance:- E-cigarettes Priority Setting Partnership questionnaire – Vaping: Let’s Get This Out Of The Way – Research: The Benefit of Vapers – UEA Advice for New Vapers – The War Against Vaping: Déjà Vu All Over Again –  JUUL Launches Nationwide Ad Campaign Aimed at Adult Smokers – Intolerable False Statements by FDA’s Mitch Zeller – New House Bill Would Tax Vapes Like Cigarettes and Ban Flavors – Why I cancelled my membership of the Australian Medical Association – Regulating Vaping While Understanding Policy Comparisons – A case study in bad policymaking – Nicotine Science and Policy Daily Digest

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In the News 26th May

Tuesdays News at a glance: Smoking, Vaping and Nicotine – New Harvard Study Finds that As Many as 18% of Current E-Cigarette Users May Have Quit Smoking Completely Using E-Cigarettes – Inability (or unwillingness) to learn the lesson from our aldehydes study

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