Monday’s News at a glance:- Sustainability In Focus – Smoke-Free Wales – A $2,000 Vape Cam for Cops? Wait for the Clone – Youth Vaping is Down, Youth Overdoses Are Up and Parents Ought to Know – New campaign outlines the REAL truth about vaping – Article sinks to new low of misinformation about vaping – The Half Truth Initiative with Marc Gunther – Scrutiny Of Malaysian Bill Good For Vaping Legalisation – Vape sellers want electronic cigarette products excluded from smoking bill – Nicotine Science and Policy Daily Digest

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Mondays News at a glance: The Final Stab – Latest data finds no evidence that electronic cigarettes are a gateway to smoking for young people – expert reaction to survey on e-cigarette use among young people in the UK – Stanton Rants – Facebook vaping groups – a call to action – On the complete absence of ethical etc. thinking in tobacco control – Indiana Health Official Spreads Massive Lie Among Public, While Another Study Refutes the Gateway Hypothesis – Burdensome vaping regulation about revenue, not health – Bullying smokers won’t help them quit – Let’s ban those e-cigarettes… even though they’re no more dangerous than coffee – Nicotine Science and Policy – Daily Digest

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Tuesdays News at a glance: The weird effects of public health – Is nicotine all bad? – CDC’s Tom Frieden: Putting Dogma First – Testimony to City of Sonoma on e-cigarette flavoring – Gateway effects and snus taxes in Alberta – Anti-Smoking Advocates Continue to …

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Wednesdays News at a glance: Smokey and the bandit – E-cig ads will fall on disappointed lungs – Scaremongering Tactics Against Smoke-Free Tobacco Could Also Undermine Nicotine Medicines – The electronic cigarette as a public health tool – Professor Brad Rodu’s call for …

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Fridays News at a glance: 20 E-Cigarette Quotes From Real Experts – Cerebral Blood Flow Regulation Following Inhalation of Nicotine via Electronic Cigarettes – Draft Recommendation Statement – Vapers In Power Call to Action 8th May – The Canadian Vaping Association’s presentation to the …

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Thursdays News at a glance: Smoking kills, nicotine doesn’t …. European Commission considers taxing electronic cigarettes …. Fiscal deaths ahead: European Commission wants to tax e-cigarettes …. MOVE Campaign – Medical Organisations supporting Vaping and E-Cigarettes …. Uptake of e-cigs far from easy as …

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Mondays News at a glance: M.O.V.E Thunderclap 19th Feb … Public Health Officials prefer you to smoke cigarettes … Sally Davies; Professor of ‘Health’ Garbage!  … E-Cigarettes help smokers quit, ban reflex and ‘no harm’ perception must be challenged … Lies, damned lies …

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“CALL FOR DOCTORS, HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS AND SCIENTISTS IN SUPPORT OF ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE http://thndr.it/1yHm9Sy” EFVI Spain forms part of EFVI (European Free Vaping Initiative), a movement of citizens that fight to bring to the European Commission a debate to formalize …

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While it’s exhilarating being involved in vaping activism in the UK, it can also be deeply frustrating. The vaping community has such a wealth of passionate, talented and creative people that we should be able to move mountains. In reality we …

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  Todays News at a glance from around the interweb! Dr Farsalinos on VTTV discussing MOVE. Dr Gilbert Ross on California Department of Public Health. Daily Digest from Nicotine Science and Policy. Dr Farsalinos on VTTV 19th Jan 15 On …

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