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Dr Farsalinos on VTTV discussing MOVE. Dr Gilbert Ross on California Department of Public Health. Daily Digest from Nicotine Science and Policy.

Dr Farsalinos on VTTV 19th Jan 15

On Mondays show Davey and Andi are joined by Dr. Farsalinos to talk about M.O.V.E. and discuss current and future research. Professor Robert West will be appearing on this Thursdays show. Get there early to guarantee a seat!!

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California’s Public Health Lies About E-Cigarettes Will Kill Smokers

Good article from Dr. Gilbert Ross:

Just when I thought the state of America’s public health regarding smoking could not get any worse, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) showed me how wrong I was. Their new leaflet: Protect Your Family From E-Cigarettes, would be laughable if it weren’t so lethally serious….

They Work for You – Electronic Cigarettes

In the meantime, the Department is currently funding a market surveillance project led by Dorset Trading Standards and involving 40 local authorities across England to ascertain whether there are significant product safety issues for the e-cigarette market in the UK. The main deliverable from this project will be a report with recommendations for future steps to be taken by industry, Trading Standards and Government. The report will be shared with the relevant enforcement authorities in the UK…..

Nicotine Science and Policy – Daily Digest – Tue, 20 January 2015

Manufacturers of e-cigarettes market vaping as a safer alternative to smoking, and as a product that helps with smoking cessation.

Health authorities have seized the biggest shipment of electronic cigarettes in Mexico’s history, more than 9,000 units of a product whose use is banned in this country but which, according to experts, is increasing due to the unproved belief that they help people quit smoking.

While federal laws still prohibit the use of marijuana, some states have legalized usage of the drug. Many people think it is a good idea because they believe it is safer to smoke pot than to use tobacco and alcohol



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