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Vapers Digest August 6th

Monday’s News at a glance: Bad news from USA and UK as regulation and taxes threaten vapers – The FDA Blatantly Hands E-Cig Market To Big Pharma – Shooting the messenger – Vaping tax a daft idea – Aaron Biebert, Uncut – Two Years Later – Twitter Twaddle – Oral Cancer – Deadline Nears for Nicotine Warning Labels on Ads – All lit up over more smoking bans – Chinese tobacco regulators call for ban on e-cigarettes – Irish people are the third biggest vapers – Vaping In The News August 4th – Nicotine Science and Policy Daily Digest

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Vapers Digest 28th September

Thursday’s News at a glance: Vape Shops Mandated To Register Their Products But Can’t Due To FDA System Failure – Diary of an Ex-Smoker – A Vaper’s Story – Cyprus passes a tax on e-liquid – Question and Answers on Vaping – 2016 CDC Data Shows E-Cigarette Use Declines Again – UAE doctors stand firm over e-cigarettes – Sympathomimetic Effects of Acute E‐Cigarette Use – Inhalation of Propylene Glycol in E-cigarettes – Cancer Survivors Who Quit Live Longer – Classification of Twitter Users Who Tweet About E-Cigarettes – Blowing E-Smoke – Nicotine Science and Policy Daily Digest

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News 14th Dec 2014

Sundays round up from t’interweb! CDC Makes Startling Proclamation: Electronic Cigarette Aerosol is Not as Safe as Clean Air Now, the CDC is trying to dissuade the public from believing that vaping is safer than smoking. However, the worst thing

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