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Sundays round up from t’interweb!

CDC Makes Startling Proclamation: Electronic Cigarette Aerosol is Not as Safe as Clean Air

Now, the CDC is trying to dissuade the public from believing that vaping is safer than smoking. However, the worst thing the agency is able to say about the hazards of electronic cigarettes is that they are not as safe as “clean air.”

More on The Lancet….. 

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Tobacco Control Dinosaurs vs Cornwall Waitress

Because it was with astonishment that I read on Friday that these global tobacco industry heavyweights had conspired to produce an attack piece over a Lancet article written by … a housewife and part-time waitress from Cornwall…..

Tobacco Control leaders and e-cig victimhood

Since this in an area in which I have some expertise I decided to respond (available, along with the subsequent responses referred to, via the link above). I don’t think there is anything in my reply which was personal, or particularly aggressive, especially in the context of the tone of the original blog. My response was posted by the BMJ on 24th April, and I tweeted a link to it the same day, as did @Clive_Bates, prompting the following exchange….

Stop! Wait a minute Mr. Postman…

Thanks to the magic of the internet, clicking on one of the links in this list will automatically open your default mail app, thereby saving you the effort of doing so. Given that Christmas is approaching fast, this is surely a boon for the busy hostess…..

Block Together

A Tobacco Control Resource!

Block Together is designed to reduce the burden of blocking when many accounts are attacking you, or when a few accounts are attacking many people in your community

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