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E-cigarettes: is vaping any safer than old-fashioned smoke?

Source: The Guardian

Clapper sits me down at a conference table with some chocolate biscuits and begins puffing on a black contraption with a window through which I can see a yellow-brown liquid sloshing. He’s in a dark suit, light blue shirt open at the collar, neatly groomed chest hair just visible. Stocky and shaven-headed, Clapper is part boardroom, part boxer.

Burstyn comments at FDA workshop on ecig science

After seeing who they did put on stage, it became doubly clear that they were intentionally avoiding Igor because he had the expertise and credibility to point out fundamental flaws in a solid majority of what was presented. Fortunately Greg Conley had three minutes on the agenda and gave it to Igor, so that he could present the following talk.

Science Media Centre – Electronic Cigarettes

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There are as yet no data to support the fear that e-cigarettes may act as a gateway to smoking conventional cigarettes among those who have never smoked.

Electronic cigarettes: fact and faction

Source: British Journal of General Practice

There are a number of public health advocates who appear to consider electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) primarily as a threat to public health, and bodies such as the British Medical Association (BMA) and the World Health Organization (WHO) are warning smokers about their potential dangers. This editorial takes a close look at the evidence.

Promise vs perils of electronic cigarettes

However, the availability of such devices to never-smokers as well as current smokers, is controversial, and has led to much debate between clinicians and public health officials.

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