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In The News Annual 2015

Seasonal Greetings to One and All – As youngsters,it used to be a traditional treat at year-end and Christmas time to read such as the Dandy, Beano or indeed Dan Dare in the Eagle in their festive assembled annuals.

We cannot guarantee similar pleasure here, but our offering is to select from our published ‘Daily News’, the outstanding (to us) articles or blogs over the previous 12 months. As a slight warning: it’s lengthy…..maybe tackle it month by month, and bookmark items of interest you may have missed previously.

News Review 29th November

This is the week that was… Joel Nitzkin and Michael Siegel both consider the “unintended” consequences of over-regulation by the FDA. Could it be that the grandees of Tobacco Control are happy to maintain the status quo? Siegel concludes that

News Review 22nd November

This is the week that was… Following last week’s E-Cigarette Summit in London there were excellent reports posted here and here, along with this heartfelt piece by Jim McManus which should be essential reading for anyone working in the field

News Review 15th November

This is the week that was… Before the impressions of the week,it is noteworthy that the Facebook page associated with publishing this,has just exceeded 600 likes,so there must be some satisfaction out there amongst readers,but please read this for further details

News Review 8th November

This is the week that was… Three stand out items over the week were multiple and highly conflicting news reports from Malaysia, FDA deeming, and the latest BMJ attack on the Public Health England Report… Monday 2nd November This blog

News Review 18th October

This is the week that was… Nothing earth shattering was in the media this week, but once again many interesting blogs and analysis to enlighten the curious reader were evident. 3 particularly interesting stories will be highlighted here in this

News Review 11th October

This is the week that was… A relatively quiet news week with no major breaking stories, a few news articles appeared following the release of further studies into Very Low Nicotine Content cigarettes (VLNC), which have been widely ridiculed as

News Review 4th October

  This is the week that was…. For the second week, the recurring theme was the Article 20 Legal Challenge with the handover to the Department of Health on the 29th September. This coincided with a large NHS trust going

News Review 27th September

This is the week that was…. The recurring theme of the week was the gathering crescendo of support for the Totally Wicked(TW) Legal Challenge to Article 20 of the TPD(Tobacco Products Directive).  Also Tobacco Industry reduced risk products and e-cig

News Review 20th September

This is the week that was…. A week once again dominated by the landmark PH England announcement from Aug 19th ,and the attempted kickback by a marginalised fringe, which received press coverage following BMJ and Lancet articles attempting to discredit.