News Review 15th November


This is the week that was…

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The first part of the week was dominated by the FDA Deeming Regulations and the latest report from the CDC, in which they reveal that the number of regular vapers in the USA has risen to at least 9 million. In Thursday’s news we learned that some of us might be banned from vaping in our own homes (under proposed legislation in the USA and in Wales). The standout event on Friday was the #ecigsummit in London.

Monday 9th November


Mondays News at a glance:

Lest we forget EFVI – We are ruled by idiots – Why academic journal attacks on Public Health England e-cigarette report should be completely ignored – Labour’s E-Cigarette ban is madness and will undermine efforts to cut smoking – FDA is Out of Its Mind: Deeming Regulations Should Be Called “The Cigarette Protection Act of 2015″ – Sunday Science Lesson – Stop Smoking. The monkey on your back – Flavors & E-Cigarettes. Taking Adults AWAY From Tobacco – More Than 9mil Adults Vape Regularly in the US – The politics of vaping – Nicotine Science and Policy – Daily Digest – Mon, 9 November 2015

Tuesday 10th November


Tuesdays News at a glance:

Meet Mendacious Martina – New research confirms that reducing the appealing aspects of e-cigarettes devalues them to both smokers and vapers – From Hungary – With Anger – In Reality, FDA Deeming Regulations are Thinly Veiled Prohibition – Red Flag for Vapers: Avoid Some Flavoring Agents – SFATA Blog. Latest News – Summary of VPX NOLA Advocacy Panel – Vaping under threat in the USA – FDA Clears Smokeless Snus for Sale – Nicotine Science and Policy – Daily Digest – Tue, 10 November 2015

Wednesday 11th November


Wednesdays News at a glance:

Nicotine Addiction. Smoking, E-Cigarettes & You – Using e-cigarette while working from home could land you in court – Ceci n’est pas une cigarette – Dogmatic belief – FDA Ruling a Win for Swedish Match – SFATA Press Release – CASAA Podcast Update – Nicoccino’s Higgs on products, perceptions, and policy – From The Desk Of The General Counsel: FDA Regulation – Smokers butt-out in Tamworth CBD, e-cigarettes also banned – Only pharmacists and docs can sell nicotine e-cigarettes – Nicotine Science and Policy – Daily Digest – Wed, 11 November 2015

Thursday 12th November


Thursdays News at a glance:

Welsh Labour: So Dense They Could Bend Light – From The Absurd To The Ridiculous – Why Welsh vaping ban doesn’t make sense – The (Bumbling) Madness of Mark Drakeford – One cheer for the E-Cigarette Summit – #‎smokefreeradio‬ “Investing in your future” – The EU’s ecig Mythbuster – let’s bust this myth – E-cigarette trader in York says EU regulations won’t support smokers – The Emperor Has No Clothes: E-Cigarettes Proven to Help Smokers Quit – Public Housing Ban on Smoking May Include E-Cigarettes – Government pushes for ‘balanced’ smoking law – Nicotine Science and Policy – Daily Digest – Thu, 12 November 2015

Friday 13th November


Fridays News at a glance:

Stakeholders – This Charming Man – Response to Professor Chapman’s blog about my views on e-cigarettes – E-Cigarette Summit: The Debate Goes On – Photos and Quotes – Life and times of a dedicated smoker – The FDA may soon be able to vaporize e-cigarette products – Nicotine Science and Policy – Daily Digest – Fri, 13 November 2015


The bewildering array of nonsense continues unabated, the most troubling to this commentator is the poisoning of public perception surrounding vaping, charted in surveys reported this week from the US and Australia. This is undoubtedly the result of misinformation and scaremongering,even the surveys themselves are a questionable attempt at propaganda to influence regulators to act.

The news from Hungary regarding TPD implementation would appear to mirror Finland, Poland, Germany, Sweden – the noose sadly seems to be tightening!

#ecigsummit happened this week,hopefully this continues to influence many who attended or otherwise,it is noteworthy that this coincided with a renewed onslaught from naysayers.These naysayers prefer slurs and innuendo rather than open discussion, naturally they refused to attend the event.

The news from the US obviously was dominated by the FDA proposals, but a potentially very damaging class action also appeared (more on this next week) which could have massive implications.

Kevin Crowley produced many blog entries this week as a result of the recent survey he produced,his gritty distinctive style is ever-readable,with the data of great use in the ongoing battles.

News from Wales highlighted yet another of the unforeseen consequences of the legislation, how home-usage could be included in this ill-thought through nonsense is beyond baffling.

Malaysia maintained its inconsistent reporting of events,probably not helped by ever changing frequently conflicting Government Department spokesperson commentary.

Sadly, the Vaping Greek decided it was time to cease his radio programme, his humour, wit, passion and perception will be sorely missed.

Finally to leave readers on a positive note following on from the tragic events in Paris, I commend this totally unrelated blog (not yet reported in the news) which in this commentators opinion is truly outstanding