News Review 4th October



This is the week that was….

For the second week, the recurring theme was the Article 20 Legal Challenge with the handover to the Department of Health on the 29th September. This coincided with a large NHS trust going ‘smokefree’ and the proposals for a prison smoking ban.

Rounding off the week was the launch of the ‘Stoptober’ campaign that strangely coincided with the release of “low nic cigarettes” research and how e-cigarettes could affect “Big Tobacco”.

Monday 28th September


Article 20 petition handover and commentaries

Via Matt Ridley –

via Aban Quaynor –

via Mawsley

Tuesday 29th September


Petition Handover -via Clive Bates

Totally Wicked on some unusual advertising

NHS going smokefree

The Prison bans

Wednesday 30th September


Totally Wicked on the European Court of Justice

Vacation vaper-spotting via Dick Puddlecote

Lifestyle Choices – via Rolygate

I Went to a Vape conference…

E-Cigarettes affecting Tobacco?

Thursday 1st October


Totally Wicked at Court

In Car Smoking Bans and quack science via Christopher Snowdon

Hospitals are wrong to ban e-cigarettes via David Shaw (BMJ)

Friday 2nd October


Gil Ross weighs in on the TPD debate:

E-Cigarettes not actually attracting non-smokers…

Evidence is presented to the Welsh HSCC (Playlist)

Vapers In Power, Call To Action