News Review 20th September


This is the week that was….

A week once again dominated by the landmark PH England announcement from Aug 19th ,and the attempted kickback by a marginalised fringe, which received press coverage following BMJ and Lancet articles attempting to discredit.

Monday 14th September


Not usually a recommended source of unbiased information here but at least it charted and recorded the welcome news from the USA of the stalling of lunatic e-cig proposals

Expert opinion on indoor bans

A very thoughtful topical blog relating to the APPG(on e-cigs) and its aftermath

Tuesday 15th September


This was sent into the NHS conference # by a progressive council that was the forerunner of very many positive subsequent announcements from others.

Similarly this excellent reply from Professor Ann McNeill (one of the principal authors of the PHE report) savages McKee + Capewells attempt to discredit, this was one of many further replies and comments to their malicious nonsense

Wednesday 16th September


An excellent move by PH England to issue a joint statement with supportive bodies to their policy position

Including the following:-


Professor John Britton commented in the BMJ

Article 20 Handover details were announced (now over 51k signatures and ongoing)



The first of two ridiculous articles appeared in the Telegraph giving McKee and Capewell some unjustified air time

Later in the week this appeared in a similar vein from the Guardian

Thursday 17th September


Two further responses to the BMJ drivel:

From Dr Farsalinos and Stephen Black

Logic by-pass by the FDA reported here by Professor Siegel

The busy NNA UK produced this Newsletter to give a flavour of their recent activities.

Friday 18th September


A good analysis of some journalists (eg Sarah Knapton!) with their clear unscientific bias and failure to engage properly on social media

Very pertinent comments from Puddlecote regarding COI (Conflicts of Interest)

Excellent from Professor Kevin Fenton (apart from the TPD commentary)

Overall Impressions

It really has been yet another hugely encouraging week despite increasingly feeble attempts from opponents,naysayers and doom-mongers that inexplicably received quite widespread media attention. However,the message from all credible and influential UK sources is to back the PH England landmark report, which marks a major departure from the situation less than 12 months ago, when support was sadly lacking. The TPD A20 continues to be misunderstood by many in positions of influence, despite the good news reported above, the consequences of this legislation needs a re-examination by regulators asap or all of the good work will be rapidly undone.

For an excellent lucid elaboration of those comments, and far more read here from NNA sec. Sarah Jakes

PS Of interest from poll midway down on the right hand side: