News Review 8th November


This is the week that was…

Three stand out items over the week were multiple and highly conflicting news reports from Malaysia, FDA deeming, and the latest BMJ attack on the Public Health England Report…

Monday 2nd November


This blog from Kevin Crowley was the prelude to much commentary,advice and guidance geared towards US Vapers and Retailers regarding FDA deeming and the OMB(Office on Management & Budget)

advice here from Jeff Stier


Grover Norquist

For some further context read this from Carl Phillips

Jacob Sullum examined the recently released more detailed version of CDC statistics relating to e-cigarettes

Tuesday 3rd November


A very sad occasion today, the ever readable and consistently supportive Joe Nocera in the New York Times wrote his last editorial referring to e-cigarettes, he has supposedly been moved to cover Sport instead. His incisive commentary will be sorely missed.

Carl Phillips on Tobacco Harm Reduction,charting the continued antipathy of Regulators around the World

Wednesday 4th November


A heartfelt plea from Todd, that should be viewed

From Louise Ross, excellent analysis here about conveying accurate information to the public.

This article simplifies the highly complex story of US FDA deeming

Thursday 5th November


The reactions to the latest BMJ attempted smear campaign towards the PHE report are assembled here. Fortunately,to date this latest episode has received little coverage in the media.

Clive Bates(on top form) expertly crucifies the garbage

Chris Snowdon weighs in

Dick Puddlecote also

Konstantinos Farsalinos puts another perspective on this dross

Meanwhile …..back to a little sanity…

This received wide coverage across the World

However this reverts back to a previous state! ….

This from Malaysia is one of a multitude of press reports from there, often with conflicting stories,it seems that the Health Minister,his Deputy and the Ministry never communicate with one another . this inconsistency is remarked upon here (Sunday article)

Friday 6th November


This needs as much attention as possible

An excellent discussion from the ‘Battle of Ideas

To summarise, not a huge amount of mass-media breaking stories apart from the developing nonsense in Malaysia. The information and advice given from all sources in the US state that the FDA Deeming/OMB process is far from over.Consumers and vendors hopefully will flood the OMB with many requests to give testimony. In the UK,it was pleasing to see that the latest BMJ smear story has not been picked up(yet!) by any media outlet,hopefully they are as tired of the repetitive garbage as we most certainly are..