News Review 29th November


This is the week that was…

Joel Nitzkin and Michael Siegel both consider the “unintended” consequences of over-regulation by the FDA. Could it be that the grandees of Tobacco Control are happy to maintain the status quo? Siegel concludes that “the tobacco companies have a vision of a transformed and much safer nicotine market, while the anti-tobacco groups are doing everything they can to preserve the current status of the market”.

The Motley Fool examines a recent CDC survey which serves to dispel the gateway theory and asks “Did the CDC Just Save the Electronic Cigarette Industry?”

The ATR’s Grover Norquist waded in with a letter to members of the US Congress, urging them to support HR2058 and amend the grandfather date as it would apply under the FDA deeming regulations.

Tuesday saw another insightful piece by Michael Siegel in which he cites the NEJM formaldehyde scare as an example of how anti-nicotine groups use the media to disseminate misinformation about the harms of vaping.

Still on the subject of misinformation, the Ashtray Blog gave us this monumental de-bunking of “18 E-Cig Studies That Are Killing Smokers”.

Frank Davis took a close look at the machinations of the Tobacco Control industry in his blog “A Snake in the Committee Room”. The pragmatism of the Scottish Parliament’s Public Petitions Committee stands in stark contrast to the parochialism of the Welsh HSCC. The MSPs don’t suffer fools gladly, as Sheila Duffy of ASH Scotland found soon found out.

There were further developments in Vince van Heerden’s court battle with the Health Department of Western Australia. We can but hope that ultimately Vince will be thoroughly vindicated and that all his undoubted sacrifices will have been worthwhile. You can follow Vince’s struggle on his GoFundMe page. Please donate something if you can.

Meanwhile in the EU, TotallyWicked issued a brief statement regarding their own court battle.

Looking ahead to the day when the TPD takes effect in the UK, junglist posted on POTV what appears to be draft legislation relating to e-cig advertising while Dick Puddlecote expressed his views regarding TPD-compliant labelling.

There was some good news from Hull, where it appears the local Public Health department is adopting a more enlightened approach to tobacco harm reduction.

It goes without saying that the vaping community thrives on drama. Unfortunately this week the Billion Lives project incurred the wrath of many vapers, smokers and dual-users following the launch of its teaser video trailing the upcoming full-length documentary. (While not wishing to take sides, it’s this observer’s view that it might best if everyone reserved judgement until they’ve seen the final product.) As far as news is concerned, Clive Bates provided some background information on where that contentious ‘billion lives’ figure came from, and Brent Stafford interviewed Aaron Biebert for a report on Canada’s Regulator Watch.

Monday 23rd November


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Tuesday 24th November


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Wednesday 25th November


Wednesdays News at a glance:

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Thursday 26th November


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Friday 27th November


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