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Vaping Digest January 4th

Friday’s News at a glance:- A Short History Of Pharma-Bought Influence – Transatlantic divide on e-cigs deepens, and Glantz loses the plot – IBVTA writes to Public Health Minister & CAP – Harm perceptions of e‐cigarettes – Self-determining nicotine consumption –  PHE Smokefree Campaign – Stan’s Daft Deceptions – Australia: Switch To Vaping – Jersey prison now smoke free – Nicotine Science and Policy Daily Digest

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Vapers Digest 27th April

Thursday’s News at a glance: Is Your E-Cigarette TPD Compliant? – Hunter proposes a bill that exempts e-cigs from FDA’s deeming rule – Time to act on the UK election opportunity – Why quitting is harder than it needs to be – Rethinking addiction in the context of reduced harm – E-Cigarettes Do Not Promote Cancer Growth – Should vapers be concerned about vaping diacetyl? – Panel votes to change tax on vapor products – Bill Restricting Tobacco Use – Nicotine in the News

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In the News March 24th

Thursdays News at a glance: The implementation of the EU TPD may be stricter than required – Wiley & Sons puts emphasis on ecig study – Some thoughts on morality, disease and addiction – Celebrity Doctor Margaret Cuomo Insists On Misleading Smokers About Vaping Hazards – Professional disruption in health regulation: electronic cigarettes in the European Union – New method measures nicotine delivery – Tobacco Harm Reduction Update – Nicotine Science and Policy Daily Digest – Thursday, 24 March 2016

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In the News January 28th

Thursdays News at a glance: Capewell, Ireland, Their Pharma Friends And Vape Bans – E-cigarette regulation and policy: UK vapers’ perspectives – How Will The TPD Affect DIY Juicers? – Vapor differs in composition from e-liquid – Researchers Fail to Disclose Conflicts of Interest with Big Pharma and Appear to Hide their Financial Relationships – Cessation: beneath the startling numbers, a study in scientific doubt – Vapers, did you really think they would stop at smoking? – Ban everything, ban it now. For the children – GFN Young Investigator of the Year Award – Smokers and non-smokers views of e- cigarettes – E-Cigarettes Cause Hearing Loss? Really? How? – Nicotine Science and Policy – Daily Digest – Thu, 28 January 2016

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In the News 28th April

Tuesdays News at a glance: Biochemically verified smoking cessation and vaping beliefs among vape store customers – CDC’s Lies to the Public Called Out in Forbes Magazine and Reason Online – Is the Rise in E-Cigarette Use by Teens a Positive Thing?

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