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Vapers Digest 5th June

Monday’s News at a glance: Still Angry – And Getting More So! – Plain Packaging STILL Doesn’t Work – The health department head compounds his sins – Vape advocacy: what is worth supporting? – I’ve Got a Question about CONtrol – 4 Research Studies That are Shut-Up Calls for Vape Haters – E-cigarettes in the workplace – The Effect of E-Cigarette Indoor Vaping Restrictions – Vaping In The News–June 3rd, 2017 – Nicotine Science and Policy Daily Digest

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In the News 16th Feb

Mondays News at a glance: M.O.V.E Thunderclap 19th Feb … Public Health Officials prefer you to smoke cigarettes … Sally Davies; Professor of ‘Health’ Garbage!  … E-Cigarettes help smokers quit, ban reflex and ‘no harm’ perception must be challenged … Lies, damned lies

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In the News 11th Feb

  Wednesdays News at a glance: Support Totally Wicked – Why it’s a no brainer … Perhaps I was not angry enough (Part 1) … Show me the money: WHO FUNDS WHO … WHO Report Says Ecigs Are Not Safer Than

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