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Stop overreaching regulations on e-cigarettes and prevent the ban on flavored e-liquid.

We need to protect our right to choose a healthier lifestyle. Stand up for our freedoms as Canadians, create awareness, and prevent sweeping legislations against vaping.

Our right to vape it is currently under attack in Canada. Nova Scotia’s Bill 60 proposes to classify e-cigarettes as traditional tobacco products, which if passed, will have far reaching implications for the industry that aim to make vaping increasingly prohibitive and expensive. Bill 60 could set a precedent that may cause sweeping changes to how the provincial and federal governments follow suit to regulate the e-cig industry across Canada. Already there are several municipalities and regional governments forming their own policies concerning the sale and use of e-cigs so it is imperative that we make our voices heard now. We’re asking you to please get involved to help support and fight for our freedom to vape…

 From Holland


Revised / lifting of the temporary Commodities Act Electronic Cigarette

The decision ( ensures that no 3rd (or later) generation electronic cigarettes may be more traded. In short, it means that all types of electronic cigarettes except disposable products are prohibited. This limits consumer choice and huge addition will have to close some (almost all) based electronic cigarette shops / webshops their doors.

Besides the choice of the “e-cigarette” user they will often not get the satisfaction of a lower generation of electronic cigarette.
This can in turn ensure that this e-cigarette users go back to the ‘analogue’ smoking, what (or proven) is very bad for health and this decision will therefore not benefit public health.

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From Portugal


Against the application of the Tobacco Tax to electronic cigarettes

1. It provides the State Budget for 2015 that 0.60 eur is applied. per ml to the liquid with nicotine, electronic cigarettes subjecting the Special Tax on Tobacco Use. The measure is justified “on grounds of protecting public health and tax equity.” 2. It happens, first, that the liquid of electronic cigarettes are not tobacco or tobacco contains. Can not the legislature ficcionar something that is not tobacco is, after all, tobacco, and with that you want if the deviation is justified the constitutional principle of ability to pay, own Special Taxes on Consumption. 3.Furthermore, the inclusion of the liquid with nicotine, which is not tobacco, the category of “manufactured tobacco” has no counterpart in Community law; as such, the import restrictions on liquids, also contained in EO 20015, are not permitted and constitutes a violation of the Community principle of free movement of goods.

I’m relying on Google Translate again for this. Apologises if I’ve made errors!

Austrian Petition

Anyone can sign this

Please do not do the wrong thing here. give the time to develop technology and quality time for studies to be done. ecigarettes have the potential to save countless tobacco smokers from disease and death. please give smokers the future opportunity to 

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