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Ecigs. Our right not to smoke Tobacco

This affidavit forms a significant part of ground four which is to adduce fresh evidence relevant to the case we are making, that is, that electronic cigarettes or personal vaporisers are designed to be Tobacco Harm Reduction products and therefore are not subject to the prohibition in section 106a of the Tobacco Products Control Act 2006….

Are E-Cigarettes a Good Thing?

Very Positive Outcome – Great from Start to Finish

The studies included were mostly surveys, and the populations included were from the United States or Europe. E-cigarette use was very low in 2008, but increased steadily in the US thereafter; going from 0.6% in 2009 to 2.7% in 2010 and 6.2% in 2011. Demographics most commonly associated with users were younger with higher degrees of education and higher incomes than traditional cigarette users….


E-cigs help rid the world of smokers

This is the fastest decrease in smoking rates we’ve ever seen, and it is true both for youngsters and adults of all ages. We can all — except the tobacco corporations — celebrate this significant reduction in harm to the health of many people. Other nicotine delivery systems — gum, lozenges and patches — are only 2 percent more effective than placebo for smoking cessation….

Smoking out the Truth

Are health claims for the new generation of e-cigarettes true, or are they a smokescreen? Electronic cigarettes are the latest device being touted as a “safer” alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. I don’t want to see people galloping to assume that this is the solution to the problem with smoking before they know its health effects. Suzaynn Schick, UCSF School of Medicine. But are the health claims for this new generation of cigarettes actually true, or are they a smokescreen……?

Todays Letters on E-Cigarettes

National Post letter writers answer the question: ‘Should e-cigarettes be subject to the same restrictions as tobacco cigarettes…?’

Tobacco Journal International

Following the first highly successful workshop at the beginning of 2014, we have been asked to hold a follow-up workshop to update interested parties on the latest scientific developments, technologies and innovations, including current insights on TPD implementation in the EU.

Nicotine Science and Policy

Nicotine Science and Policy posts news items on a wide range of issues related to the use of nicotine and posting of a news item does not imply endorsement of the views expressed in any item.

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