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Calling Belgian Vapers

Calling Belgian vapers who shop in France!
The BBC Radio World Service is considering setting a programme on vaping in France.
It would be next Tuesday or possibly Wednesday.
One idea is to hold interviews on the French side of the Franco-Belgian border with Belgian vapers forced to buy their products in France.
It should be in a town with a good atmosphere, where young people can easily be approached, where there are good specialised shops and where a pro-vaping doctor could take part.
Speaking English is preferable but not essential.
So there are two questions:
– Who amongst Belgian vapers purchasing in France can volunteer?
– What town in France could be suggested? Maubeuge perhaps?

From Alan Depauw

Debate on safety of e-cigarettes continues

Opposing views on the potential impact of electronic cigarettes on public health are published in the open access journal BMC Medicine. The commentaries, by two experts, differ in their views on the topic but are united in their call for a rational discussion based on evidence.

Electronic cigarettes have a potential for huge public health benefit

A Good News Day! – Just Released:

Although there is no doubt that smokers switching to electronic cigarettes (EC) substantially reduce the risk to their health, some tobacco control activists and health organisations discourage smokers from using EC and lobby policy makers to reduce EC use by draconian regulation.

 Electronic Cigarettes: Fact and Faction

Unbiased and thoughtful commentary:

There are a number of public health advocates who appear to consider electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) primarily as a threat to public health, and bodies such as the British Medical Association (BMA) and the World Health Organization (WHO) are warning smokers about their potential dangers.1 This editorial takes a close look at the evidence.

University of Arizona researchers to study use of e-cigarettes

TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) – The University of Arizona has received a $2.7 million grant to research the growing use of electronic cigarettes.

The National Institutes of Health awarded a professor and adjunct faculty member from the Eller College of Management and the College of Medicine to collect data from social media sites and analyze it.

E -Cigarettes Less Addictive Than Cigarettes

Newswise — E-cigarettes appear to be less addictive than cigarettes in former smokers and this could help improve understanding of how various nicotine delivery devices lead to dependence, according to researchers.

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