News 10th Dec 2014


E-cigarette use rare in non-smokers – survey

The Health Survey for England found that among men who were not smokers, only 1 percent had ever tried e-cigarettes, while 29 percent of smokers and 6 percent of ex-smokers said they had.

Proportions were similar for women, said the survey, which was published on Wednesday.

Preventing bad reporting on health research

For anyone with medical training, mainstream media coverage of science can be an uncomfortable read. It is common to find correlational findings misrepresented as denoting causation, for example, or findings in animal studies confidently exaggerated to make claims about treatment for humans. But who is responsible for these misrepresentations?

Vapers Fighting To Stop Bureaucratic Bastardry In Australia

Australians who are becoming aware are rightly pissed-off (angry) that significant taxpayer funds granted for anti- tobacco campaigns, are being murderously diverted for support of toxic tobacco and Big Pharma‘s ineffective but very profitable quit pharmaceuticals and dangerous psychoactive drugs. Governments need to act to end these preposterous swindles based on purchased influence and comment.

E-cigarettes ARE less addictive, study finds

We found that e-cigarettes appear to be less addictive than tobacco cigarettes in a large sample of long-term users, said Jonathan Foulds, professor of public health sciences and psychiatry, Penn State College of Medicine

American Heart Association Study Finds Vaping More Effective for Quitting Smoking than FDA-Approved Products

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, the American Vaping Association, a leading advocate for the benefits of vapor products such as electronic cigarettes, reacted to the release of a new study published in the American Heart Association’s Circulation Journal. The meta-analysis of six previously published studies found an 18% smoking cessation rate (224/1,242) after 6 months for smokers who used vapor products containing nicotine. This compares to an average cessation rate of 7% at six months for FDA-approved nicotine replacement therapy products like the nicotine gum, patch, and lozenge.

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