News 7th Dec 2014

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E-cigarette research: temperature of evaporation


The Dr Farsalinos appeal to raise the funds to provide research into the temperature of evaporation has reached its goal of $72,000 with just hours to spare!

YOU can get the truth out there!

It’s a perfect example of what we as vapers can achieve if we just keep on fighting. I strongly urge vapers in other countries to write to their news agencies, newspapers and any journalists that might be able to get the story out….

Abstract 14945: Electronic Cigarettes Are Effective for Smoking Cessation

In conclusion, available literature suggests that the use of e-cigarettes may be an effective alternate smoking cessation method. Further research is required to investigate this among both genders….

 America’s vaping revolution: How suspicious should we really be of the e-cigarette craze? 

From the ancient civilizations of the Andes to Elizabethan England, smoking has now morphed into a new digital revolution. Handwritten letters have been replaced by email, newspapers by tablet editions; and now, it seems, cigarettes, cigars, pipes and hookahs may give way to their e-equivalent….

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