News 6th Dec 2014

Anti-complaint about e-cigarette advertising

PS. I should say that, while I think there is nothing objectionable about the ads, I thought the PR went with the launch was pretty irresponsible and caused a lot of unnecessary damaging commentary. There is a type of PR hack that sees all controversy as good publicity – but that’s how to win a skirmish and lose a war….

Glimpses Through The Mist

Are E-Cigarettes the new condom?
For anyone who is under the age of 30, you may not remember the time when condom advertising barely existed, let alone cheeky commercials playing over and over on late-night television. The understanding we have today of safe sex practices were actually quite controversial even in an age when HIV/AIDS was at the height of public fear…..


Electronic Cigarettes: getting the science right and communicating it accurately

Electronic Cigarettes are being used by millions of people worldwide, mostly in an attempt to reduce smoking or stop altogether. Policy makers, smokers, clinicians and the public in general need accurate information on their safety and potential for reducing smoking rates. Unfortunately in some notable cases the science is being misused, with findings being distorted….

E-Cigarettes appear here to stay: So put that in your mod and vape it

In the laboratory of the California Vaping Co., Dakoda Collins mixed up one of his signature potions. Wearing a surgical mask and gloves, he carefully measured out colorless, liquid nicotine from a plastic jug.
He drew the nicotine into a fat syringe, then shot it into a large glass beaker of amber fluid, where it would be swirled with an industrial-strength immersion blender and gently heated….

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