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Vapers Digest 15th June

Thursday’s News at a glance: Smoking Rates Decline, Again – ONS Smoking Data – Vaping may help explain record fall in UK smoking rates – Bates and Satel Take on Politicians – Attitudes of Europeans – New CDC Data – Living in Cloud Cuckoo Land – GFN: I would if I could but I can’t – #GFN17

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Vapers Digest 9th June

Friday’s News at a glance: Targeting Kids – Plain packaging fake news – Proposed ban on e-cigarette flavors suffers well-deserved setback – Vape Flavor Ban – The secret weapon: Snus, tobacco that doesn’t kill people – Top 5 Pro-Vapor Comments Recently Debated by U.S. Politicians – Armenia to ban e-cigs – Secure smoking area needed – Nicotine Science and Policy Daily Digest

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In the News 4th Feb

Wednesdays News at a glance Six months ago I had genuine concern sthat we were going to throw the baby out with the bath water … NEC Group signs three-year partnership with E-Lites … The curious case of the problem that isn’t

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In the News 23rd Jan 15

Fridays News at a glance: Confirmed: Formaldehyde Study-Invalid. Greg Conley in CocktailNerd. Poll to Ban E-Cigs. Nicotine, Science and Policys Daily Digest Confirmed: Formaldehyde Study Conducted Under Implausible Conditions; Conclusions Invalid The Rest of the Story – Dr. Michael Siegel: To

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