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Vapers Digest 19th Jan

Thursday’s News at a glance: It’s been great, mech mods, but it’s time to say goodbye – Health debates must include consumers – VAEP Fundraiser – Health Guidance in an Age of Low Public Trust – Nurses Get Into the Act – GFN 2017 Programme – New Vape Tax in Budget Request – Clearing the air around e-cigarettes – New e-cig laws will make me a criminal – Nicotine Science and Policy Daily Digest – Thursday, 19 January 2017

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Women of The Year Awards 2015

2015 has seen much change in the THR world,especially since the landmark Public Health England report. The women we shall include in this years award have contributed enormously to the introduction of an evidence based pragmatic approach,largely but not solely confined to the UK.

We feel it appropriate that we update our 2014 version to include some additional names. There is no particular order or rank in this list of names (all have contributed equally).

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