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It’s been great, mech mods, but it’s time to say goodbye – Health debates must include consumers – VAEP Fundraiser – Health Guidance in an Age of Low Public Trust – Nurses Get Into the Act – GFN 2017 Programme – New Vape Tax in Budget Request – Clearing the air around e-cigarettes – New e-cig laws will make me a criminal – Nicotine Science and Policy Daily Digest – Thursday, 19 January 2017

It’s been great, mech mods..

But it’s time to say goodbye – Fergus Mason

A couple of years ago you’d rarely see me without one of my FastTech Nemesis clones in my hand. Mech mods were basically all I used; none of the regulated devices on the market at the time could deliver the power I liked or handle the coils I was building. My first mech was a K-100, one of those odd little telescopic things that cost hardly anything but nevertheless worked surprisingly well. Then I bought my first Nemesis clone, and soon I had three of them. I thought they were great, and I would have been lost without them….

Health debates must include consumers

Jessica Harding, New Nicotine Alliance

NNA associates attended a debate at London South Bank University on Tuesday evening entitled “A way forward – How e-cigarettes could and should affect public health” which, sadly, only resulted in conveying an entirely misleading message to the approximately 50 people in the auditorium along with many more who logged on to watch a live stream of the event on Facebook.


VAEP Fundraiser

Kellie Ann is a Canadian Registered Nurse, former smoker, and current vaper. Kellie is also the founder of VAEP, Vaping Advocacy, and Education Project.

Kellie has accomplished so much while still working as an ER nurse. She has had letters read on the floor of Queen’s Park during the Bill 45 debate, her paper Vaping the Truth has been adapted to reflect American’s statistics and she has spoken in support of vaping. Again, all this and working!

Health Guidance 

In an Age of Low Public Trust – ConscienHealth

Perhaps you’ve noticed that public trust has evaporated this year. Recently, Edelman reported that trust in government, business, nonprofits, and the media dropped across the board and around the world in 2016. In nearly two decades of tracking public trust, Edelman has never before seen such a broad and dramatic drop.

A vigorous discussion about the reliability of public health guidance is growing in the midst of this crisis in trust. Writing in the New York Times this week, pediatrics professor Aaron Carroll advises us:

Nurses Get Into the Act

Michael Siegel – The Rest of the Story

Apparently, irresponsible medical advice being given to smokers about quitting is not restricted to physicians. Nurses are getting in on the act and publicly making the most reckless medical recommendations to smokers. Two egregious examples highlight the incompetent and ill-considered information being disseminated to the public in the nursing literature.

GFN 2017 Programme

15th – 17th June 2017

The programme will comprise plenary sessions, symposia, panel discussions and poster presentations – including video posters. The programme committee invites abstracts for inclusion on a range of topics related the theme and more details can be found here. You will need to register for the conference to submit your abstract.


New Vape Tax in Budget Request

Paul Blair

In his $152.3 billion state budget proposal, Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-N.Y.) proposed a 10-cent per mL tax on the liquid contained in electronic cigarettes and vapor products. The tax would be imposed on the wholesale level and would apply both to e-liquid that contains nicotine and e-liquid that does not. According to state revenue estimates, the tax would generate $3 million annually.

Clearing the air around e-cigarettes

University of Victoria

Fears that “vaping” is a gateway to tobacco smoking are unfounded, shows a comprehensive review of available evidence on the harms and benefits of electronic or e-cigarettes and vapour devices, released today by University of Victoria’s Centre for Addictions Research of BC (CARBC) in a report called “Clearing the Air.”

New e-cig laws will make me a criminal

Tasmania Talks

The state government intend to put new regulations in place, classifying e-cigarettes in the same way as tobacco cigarettes, and fining those in possession of any fluids containing nicotine. Anti-cancer organisations, such as QUIT Tasmania, are claiming the use of e-cigarettes will renormalise the act of smoking.

On this Day…2016

A look back at how things have moved on or otherwise…

PHE Hypnotised By Big Tobacco

Claims McKee In Private Emails To The CMO – Dick Puddlecote

If you thought conspiracy theories like chemtrails, the New World Order, faked moon landings or 9/11 being a government plot were daft, wait till you get a load of this!

You may remember that last month a resourceful fellow jewel robber – via FOI requests – caught Martin McKee and Chief Morality Officer Sally ‘Backbone’ Davies conspiring to stop the gathering of personal viewpoints on e-cigarettes from tobacco controllers by employing the Faculty of Public Health to undermine their colleagues at Public Health England….

The problem with Stanton Glantz

Tom Pruen – ECITA

Stan Glantz is not a very good scientist. Examples of his ineptitude, and others’ criticism of it, are trivially easy to find. Some interesting examples (a definitive list would run to several pages) include:

Clive Bates’ chiding Glantz about gateway effect claims “Cease and desist: making false claims about the gateway effect(link is external)

Michael Siegel criticising Glantz on the same point “Glantz Tells Public There is No Question that E-Cigarettes are a Gateway to Smoking, But Today’s Monitoring the Future Data Show the Opposite(link is external)

Motives Of Professor Glantz

Organizations In Question As Anti E-Cig Campaigns Rage On
Kevin Crowley – Blasting News

Meta-Analysis of e-cig success poorly conducted. Tactics, Agendas & Lack Of Science To Blame

Despite overwhelming evidence of e-cigarettes being at least 95% safer than cigarettes, public manipulation continues. A fight is raging in the anti-tobacco arena and unethical tactics are being deployed. Motives of anti-tobacco professors & non-profit groups are in question, and money is the motive.

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