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In the News 18th May

Mondays News at a glance: Becoming An Ecig Advocate : Ed1 Intro – Safety Is Everything – A Vile Mentality – Fire in the Madhouse – Suffolk smokers will vape to quit – American Lung Association Taunts Vapers As Addicts – What’s Driving the War

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In the News 8th April

Wednesdays News at a glance: Vaping and THR Briefings – E-cigarettes: if they’re good enough for Nigel Farage – Astroturf? Really? Why Vaping Activisim is Suspect – Politics and power – Is vaping the subculture of 2015? – ‘Internet vermin’ target health advocates – More

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In the News 5th March

Thursdays News at a glance: Study Confirms That E-Cigarettes Generate Virtually No Toxins … The liars lexicon of the anti e-cigarette campaign … Vaping Advocate of the Year 2015 … Does vaping put men off breasts? … Public Policy Maker Becomes the First to

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Vapers in a Brewery

While it’s exhilarating being involved in vaping activism in the UK, it can also be deeply frustrating. The vaping community has such a wealth of passionate, talented and creative people that we should be able to move mountains. In reality we

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In the News 28th Jan 15

Wednesdays News from the Web Attitudes toward E-Cigarettes, reasons for initiating E-Cigarette use and Changes in smoking behavior – Anti-Vaping Researchers Called Out for Misleading Cancer Exaggerations by New York Times Columnist – Telling our Story to the Pharmacists – Vaping Advocate of

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News 26th Nov 2014

Why are we bringing back Smoking? As an ex-smoker who gave up the habit with huge difficulty 30 years ago, I have been pleased at the way smoking has become increasingly invisible in my life. First it disappeared from advertisements

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