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Simon Chapman: Expert Merchant Of Doubt – And Still We Stand Back Meekly – HnB and vaping – We’re on the same side! – Leave them kids alone – The Fact Is, It Works – Public (Health) Image Limited – Lamppost Epidemiology And The Lack Of Self-Correction – Are There Metals In Vapor? – How Deceptive Science Becomes Anti-Vaping Propaganda – Majority of adults link nicotine to cancer – Reinforcement Enhancing Effects – Vaping “normalises” smoking? Be rational – 75% tax on e-cigarettes – World News Roundup – Vaping In The News March 3rd – Nicotine Science and Policy Daily Digest

Simon Chapman: Expert Merchant Of Doubt

Dick Puddlecote

As the evidence mounts up as to the harmlessness – and even the benefits – of e-cigarettes, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the tiny few denialists still remaining to foretell a future of ‘public health’ catastrophe as a result of vaping. It might be something to do with the fact that e-cigs have been around for over a decade now and there still hasn’t been a single case of death or significant disease, throughout the world, attributable to using vaping equipment as intended.

And Still We Stand Back Meekly

Simon Thurlow, Midnight Musings

I spend a lot of my time reading blogs on the internet. In fact, I read a LOT of blogs that I find on the internet. Those blogs cover a massive range of subjects, from politics, to public health, to science & technology and even some that deal with conspiracy theories. Some I read from amusement, some for information purposes, while I read some simply so I can get an alternative viewpoint that I can try to understand – whether I agree with it or not…

HnB and vaping – We’re on the same side!

Fergus Mason, Heat Not Burn

Most readers of this blog will know that, while I’m a user and huge fan of Heat not Burn products, I’m mainly a vaper. When I quit smoking I used an early e-cig starter kit, and I’ve now been vaping for more than five years. In that time I’ve used a lot of different e-cigs, learned to make my own coils and e-liquids, and written thousands of words to advocate for vaping. I go to pro-vaping conferences and know most of the UK’s prominent vaping advocates. Vaping is a thing that I do.


Leave them kids alone

Harry Shapiro

A quick check on Google Images will throw up (no pun intended) posters like these while YouTube will oblige with doom-laden videos about the iniquities of vaping. Which naturally started me thinking about this sort of campaigning in general aimed at preventing young people using drugs, alcohol, tobacco and all the other stuff we don’t want them to do – and its largely inglorious and pointless history.

The Fact Is, It Works

Dick Puddlecote

There’s a lot of pseudo-scientific guff and navel-gazing precautionary claptrap spoken about e-cigs, mostly by people whose salary depends on creating doubt (see yesterday).

However, for a more simple and effective message, try watching this one minute film by Madsen Pirie of the Adam Smith Institute, complete with visual effects by Daniel Pryor.

Public (Health) Image Limited

Simon Thurlow, Midnight Musings

My post yesterday about why we need to fight to defund Public Health seems to have generated quite some discussion. I have seen several exchanges about it on Twitter (which I was not involved with), and also had some feedback directly to me. What has surprised me was to find that some people in Public Health have apparently read what I wrote.

A theme that seems common is the claim that I do not understand what Public Health and what public health does. This is a misnoma. …

Lamppost Epidemiology

And The Lack Of Self-Correction – Carl V. Phillips

Sophisticated epidemiologists often criticize what they call “lamppost epidemiology.” This is a reference to the old joke about someone searching the sidewalk under a lamppost at night:

“What are you doing?”

“Looking for my keys.”

“Oh, you dropped them here?”

“No, I dropped them half a block back, but the light is better here.”

The implication — which is accurate — is that very little epidemiology includes the hard work of searching where the best answers can be found.

Are There Metals In Vapor?

Carl V. Phillips

The popular press has recently reported claims that harmful levels of lead and other metals can be found in vapor, attributing this to them coming off the coil. This is the result of a recent article out of Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health that appeared in Environmental Health Perspectives. (EHP is the go-to journal for publishing alarmist junk papers about chemical exposures, equivalent to the role played by the journals Tobacco Control and Pediatrics for anti-tobacco junk science.)

75% tax on e-cigarettes

Diane Caruana

Up to now, the state of New Jersey had not imposed any taxes on electronic cigarettes, however, the situation may be changing drastically. Local authorities are considering a 75% tax on wholesale sales and use tax on electronic cigarettes.

Assembly Bill No. 1586, has been referred to the Assembly Health and Senior Services Committee, where it remains under consideration, and would impose a “wholesale sales tax rate for [electronic cigarettes and similar tobacco-substitute smoking devices] and their components . . . at a rate of 75%.”

How Deceptive Science..

Becomes Anti-Vaping Propaganda – Lee Johnson

We’ve all seen it happen before. A study comes out with a flimsy, speculative conclusion and before all the sensible commentators get the chance to put it into context, it’s turned into scary headlines plastered across newspapers all over the world. Devoid of nuance and balance, it serves only to create and deepen the fear of vaping.

Corrections and clarifications come later, but by the time they gain any traction, it’s already too late. The “fact” has seeped its way into the public consciousness and becomes another reason people think vaping is “as bad as smoking,” which a disturbing number of people do.

Vaping “normalises” smoking? Be rational

Dr Michael Keane

THE e-cigarette debate highlights the futility and sometimes downright pomposity of the trendy new uber-simplistic concept of evidence-based health policy.

History reminds us of the “arcane intellectual speculation” of 17th century academics over how many angels could dance on the head of a pin. Although it was probably never a significant preoccupation, it serves as a metaphor of “tedious concern with  irrelevant  details”.

Study finds majority of adults

Erroneously link nicotine to cancer 
Richard Craver – Winston-Salem Journal

Nicotine is present in combustible cigarettes, electronic cigarettes and Food and Drug Administration-approved nicotine replacement therapies (NRT) used to help smokers stop smoking.

However, a majority of people erroneously believe nicotine is the ingredient that causes cancer from smoking traditional cigarettes, according to a recent study by a prominent research group, PinneyAssociates.

Reinforcement Enhancing Effects

Of Nicotine via Patch and Nasal Spray

Nicotine from NRT has some reinforcement enhancing effects in humans, possibly in a manner consistent with nicotine via e-cigarettes but not tobacco smoking. Our findings could suggest differential dose-dependency of available rewards to enhanced reinforcement by nicotine. Such effects may help contribute to the efficacy of NRT for aiding smoking cessation, but more research focusing on dose-dependency of these nicotine actions is needed.

Plaintiffs and Amici Curiae File Briefs

In Deeming Regulations Challenge

Over the last few weeks, the vapor industry plaintiffs and a number of supporters have filed briefs in an appeal of a decision upholding the FDA’s Deeming Regulations. On July 21, 2017, a federal district court rejected the industry plaintiffs’ challenge, and the case is now on appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit.

Vaping In The News March 3rd

Kevin Crowley, Vaping Links

A Long Letter to Ms. Kimmel for MN House ~ Vaping vs Smoking ~ Beyond the Headlines, E-Cigarette Vapor Has Only Trace Amounts of Metals ~ Dr. Farsalinos Discredits “Toxic Metal” Study For Being Misleading ~ Testimony Before the Indiana Public Health Committee ~ Is it possible that nicotine ~ Air monitoring ~ Landmark U.S. Study ~ And Still We Stand Back Meekly ~ Lamppost Epidemiology ~ These are some of the people ~ Smoke Free Radio

World News Roundup

Mawsley, Planet of the Vapes

Everything is topsy-turvy as a British researcher at Queen Mary University (QMU) believes people are better sticking to traditional quit products. Meanwhile, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gives Pinoy vapers cause for optimism. Australia is set to ban indoor vaping, and anti-smoking groups want a ban in Myanmar.

On this Day…2017

A look back at how things have moved on or otherwise….

Divine Intervention: A Deal With The Devil

Kevin Crowley, Vaping Links

Place your trust in public health officials. They are the clergy, youare the congregation.

Only they know the way to help you stop smoking. Do it their wayand no one gets hurt. This is nothing less than helping smokers quit. It’s what they do.

They have resources and unlimited educations with tenure (and offerings in the plate) to find the best information to help you.

Blowing smoke:

Nanny’s crusade against vaping
Satyajeet Marar – Spectator Australia

There are few things governments enjoy more than protecting the commoners from themselves. It’s the reason why they’re happy to spike up taxes on alcohol and cigarettes. They’re even considering sugar now! If Jesus and Jenny Craig aren’t watching, don’t you worry – Big Brother surely is and Big Brother is keen on his big, fat paycheck. Unfortunately, Big Brother isn’t just an over-zealous do-gooder. He’s also prone to fits of incompetence that would make Beavis and Butthead feel embarrassed.

Helping Smokers Quit

Kevin Crowley, Vaping Links

Imagine a business you can operate at full capacity by providing a valuable product and “service” to millions of customers with no restraint on inventory, no liability and carry a “non” or “not for profit” status.

Imagine a business with no worries about profit or loss – and the money keeps coming in. As a bonus, you can carry this on for more than 50 years and brag about it.

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