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Snus would have saved 355,000 lives per year in the EU alone – The healing power of smoking (vaping) – Do the Politicians Care About Vapers? – Attitudes of Europeans towards tobacco and electronic cigarettes – A longitudinal study of regular vapers – The Two Faces of Vaping – Vape Flavor Ban – Don’t include vaping in bans – Cosmic Fog Submits Briefing Document to the FDA – Nicotine Science and Policy Daily Digest

Snus would have saved 355,000 lives

Atakan Erik Befrits

Significantly fewer people die from tobacco-related diseases in Sweden than in any other EU country. This is despite the fact that Swedes consume as much tobacco as in other EU countries. In fact, in 24 of the 27 other EU countries tobacco related mortality is more than twice as high as in Sweden.

Sweden Figured Out How to Stop People From Smoking –  Joe Nocera

The healing power of smoking (vaping)

Vaping Point

There is something evil in the air worldwide – and its not smoke or vapour. What the evil is, is the intrusion of The Tobacco Control Industry into the private lives of smokers and vapers and their malice aforethought in re-sculpting the whole of society.

I shall use smoking to mean vaping and smoking. For vapers, the way smokers are treated is the absolute pivot of their own treatment in the world. To defend ourselves, we have to defend smokers.


Do the Politicians Care About Vapers?

It seems vaping isn’t as important to any future Government as we might think. And that’s despite recent reports that 3 million smokers in the UK have quit smoking thanks to e-cigarettes – saving the under pressure NHS budget millions of pounds.

So as the UK heads to this week’s General Election you’d think vaping whilst not front and centre in political ‘rhetoric’ on the campaign trial – it might feature somewhere.

Attitudes of Europeans

Towards tobacco and electronic cigarettes
Mawsley, Planet of the Vapes

The European Commission’s 2017 Eurobarometer has been published and presents what they think people across Europe think about tobacco and vaping. It highlights the failure in the Union’s current approach to tobacco harm reduction and offers some very distinct fears for the future. Those who backed Brexit may well welcome the UK being able to escape possible future restrictions on ecig packaging and liquid flavours.

Electronic cigarette:

A longitudinal study of regular vapers – Pubmed

It is unclear how vaping behaviour changes over time in regular vapers, and what occurs when vapers relapse to smoking or when they stop vaping. We assessed change in vaping and smoking behaviours over 12 months in regular vapers.

A longitudinal study of 3868 regular vapers enrolled on the Internet in 2012-2015 (“baseline”), followed after one (n=1631, 42%), three (n=1337, 35%), six (n=1148, 30%) and 12 months (n=893, 23%).

The Two Faces of Vaping

Mawsley, Planet of the Vapes

Will we ever see an end to the dichotomy of vaping being presented as either resolutely harmful or beneficial? Tobacco-harm reductionists already temper their advice by pointing out the limitations posed by adopting vaping, but the media is yet to catch on and adds shades of grey to its polarised view of the technology.


Vape Flavor Ban 

Threatens San Francisco’s Legacy of Harm Reduction
Damon L. Jacobs and Brian Fojtik

San Francisco has proudly led the nation in successfully implementing harm reduction tools for at-risk communities. By meeting adults where they are (not where we wish they were) and offering interventions that extend the quality and quantity of life, San Francisco has helped prevent HIV (and other) infection through needle exchanges, while others raised moral objections.

Don’t include vaping in bans

Steven Greenhut

San Francisco Bay Area residents often are proud of the region’s progressive approach to social issues to a degree that approaches smugness. Unlike those rubes in the nation’s backwaters, this region’s residents know that trying to, say, combat sexually transmitted diseases with abstinence is endangering people’s health.

Cosmic Fog Submits Briefing to the FDA


Cosmic Fog Vapors today announced the submission of their briefing document to the Food and Drug Administration for the purpose of submitting Premarket Tobacco Applications (PMTAs) for their range of E-Liquid products.
The FDA requires that a PMTA be submitted for every E-Vapor product the was not on the market as of February 15, 2007…

On this Day…2016

A look back at how things have moved on or otherwise…

Never interfere with the enemy

When he is in the process of destroying himself – Napoleon

No politician has done more for vaping than the incredibly courageous Martin Callanan. As an MEP and now in the House of Lords he has fought like a tiger for vaping.

He is the man who more than any other in the European Parliament successfully fought off compulsory medicinal regulation of e-cigarettes which would have completely killed vaping for 500 million Europeans.

Reply from Heidi Alexander

#LordsVapeVote and my responses – John Summers – GlosVaper

Over the weekend like many of you I wrote to several Labour MPs, including Heidi Alexander . Earlier I recieved a reply from Ms Alexander that shows clearly external lobbying has affected the Labour stance on this issue, and also shows Ms Alexander has little or no understanding of the matter at hand….

Open Letter to Heidi Alexander MP

Vapers in Power

Dear Ms Alexander. Thank you for your reply regarding your thoughts on Lord Callanan’s motion.

We agree that switching to vaping can be a safe and effective way to give up smoking, and that the Government should be doing more to promote e-cigarettes as a potentially useful aid to help people quit smoking…

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