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What is Safer Nicotine Superheroes? ~ Heated tobacco products reduce cigarette sales ~ E-liquids cheaper thanks to an amendment approved by the Italian Parliament ~ Vaping Product Standards Behind A Paywall – Disappointing ~Why e-cigarette ban in India will do more harm than good ~ Vapingfacts Website Launch ~ Vape Companies Sign Up for Verification Tech ~ Aspire Will Become the Next Publicly Traded Chinese Vape Company ~ Brookline, Mass. Adopts Radical Tobacco-Free Generation Law ~ Utah Nicotine Caps Derail Harm Reduction Efforts

What is Safer Nicotine Superheroes?


INNCO is pleased to announce the launch of a new series of short interviews with Safer Nicotine Superheroes around the world. Stay tuned for our first interview with Thailand superhero Asa Saligupta of ECST Thailand.

THE introduction of heated tobacco products (HTPs), considered a harm reduction approach, has reduced cigarette sales in Japan by 30 percent in a span of three to four years.

“Since 2014, three heated tobacco products have been launched officially nationwide in Japan and these have been penetrating 25 percent [of total smoking population], and this product has been successful to reduce cigarette smoking in Japan so far by 30 percent in three to four years,” Dr. Kumamaru Hiroya, a preventive physician specializing in smoking cessation, said.

E-liquids cheaper thanks to an amendment approved by the Italian Parliament

Catania Conversation

While the rest of the world is witnessing fierce opposition to e-liquids, Italy once again proves to be the leader in Europe for innovative policies towards electronic cigarettes.

The amendment presented by the Lega asking for tax reduction on liquids for vaping has been confirmed. The reduction proposed by the Lega cut the fiscal taxes of 10% on e-liquids with nicotine and 5 % for products without nicotine. Specifically, the charge is 0.42 cents for bottles of liquids without nicotine, and double (0.84 cents) for those containing nicotine.

Vaping Product Standards Behind A Paywall – Disappointing

, Scoop

After 2,518 submissions on the latest draft vaping regulations, it’s disappointing that local vape businesses and advocates have had to jump on a plane or dig deep into their pockets to view what’s proposed,” says a leading Tobacco Harm Reduction advocate.

The Government has gazetted the ‘Notice of Proposed Quality Standards for Vaping Substance Ingredients’, but it comes with a catch.

Why e-cigarette ban in India will do more harm than good

Anupam Manur, Business Today IN

In September 2019, the government announced a complete ban on e-cigarettes under the guise of preventing potential health risks to India’s youth. In what can now be termed as typical, this ruling was passed as an ordinance, without debate or deliberation in the parliament and mostly ignoring both evidence regarding health risks and lessons from India’s multiple previous disastrous experiences with bans. About 1.5 years and a pandemic later, it is time to revisit the (de)merits of the ban and possible ways forward.


TWO from Dave Cross, Planet Of The Vapes

Vapingfacts Website Launch

The Independent European Vape Alliance (IEVA) has today launched an informational website for adult smokers and policy makers who want to learn more about vaping. The new site,, is intended to provide basic factual information about vaping products, how they work, and the potential benefits smokers can derive from switching from cigarettes to vaping.

Vape Companies Sign Up for Verification Tech

Some of the UK’s most successful vape retail companies have signed up to use age verification specialist 1account’s market-leading technology across their e-commerce sites. The five companies, E-cigarette, Royal Flush, Vapourcore, Vape Superstore and VPZ, between them receive hundreds of thousands of visitors to their sites every month, all of which by law need to be age verified.

TWO from Jim McDonald, Vaping 360

Aspire Will Become the Next Publicly Traded Chinese Vape Company

As governments impose harsh restrictions, excessive taxes, and even outright vape bans, investors remain willing to gamble that vaping has a future in the consumer marketplace.

The latest example is Shenzhen, China-based vape manufacturer Aspire, which is set to launch an initial public offering (IPO) of 15 million shares. The Global Aspire company will be traded on the U.S. Nasdaq exchange under the symbol ASPG.

Brookline, Mass. Adopts Radical Tobacco-Free Generation Law

The town of Brookline, Massachusetts is a tobacco control trendsetter. Not only was the Boston suburb an early adopter of indoor smoking bans, it also passed a Tobacco 21 law way back in 2014, and was among the first cities to cap the number of tobacco licenses available to retailers. In May 2019, Brookline banned sales of flavored tobacco (and vaping) products, beating the state to the flavor ban punch by six months.

Utah Nicotine Caps Derail Harm Reduction Efforts

Steven Greenhut, Inside Sources

When it comes to government regulation, it’s sometimes hard to get the details right. There’s often a one-way ratchet effect as officials continually push for new and tougher standards—even when the current ones strike the right balance.

We’re seeing that at the Utah Department of Public Health, which recently announced proposed new rules that would reduce the amount of nicotine that sellers and manufacturers can include in their “closed-system” electronic cigarettes.

On this Day…2015

Erm, Because It Looks Like Smoking

Dick Puddlecote:

In the global catalogue of scientific literature, there is no poorer an illegitimate runt than the integrity-free BMJ’sTobacco Control Journal. 

Its ‘research’ is always almost exclusively policy-based garbage (see here and here for recent examples) which is hardly surprising considering the editorial board comprises a global who’s who of tobacco control industry junk ‘scientists’. However, an item in their July 2015 rag lowers that bar by some margin…..

Tobacco Control Journal Makes Fun of Vapers

The Rest of the Story:

A cartoon appearing in this month’s issue of Tobacco Control makes fun of vapers, calling them “idiots.” The cartoon features a man vaping and a woman next to him. The man says: “With vaping, I get all the nicotine, none of the smoke and it makes me look cool.” The woman responds: “You look like an idiot smoking a laser pointer….”

Vaping-LasersWhy is there anti-THR?

(1) The importance of narrative and Opinion Leaders vs. Useful Idiots – Carl V. Phillips

The average person, upon learning that there is violent opposition to tobacco harm reduction (THR), is quite reasonably baffled. It is difficult for them to fathom that an entire (taxpayer-funded) industry could be devoted discouraging smokers from switching to low-risk alternatives, or even to discouraging people from making the free choice to use a low-risk product rather than being abstinent….

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