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Is Australia falling behind on tobacco policy? – “Deception or Evasion” – Is this the beginning of the end for vaping in Canada? – WHO Hates The Foundation – Ban on free tobacco samples includes e-cigs – Liberal California Gov. Rejects Ban – Heated, smokeless tobacco could surpass e-cigarettes – Tobacco 21 Is a Catch-22 – Vaping Report Used To Control Choice – Family Demands Justice For Shot Vaper – Vaping fashion – Nicotine Science and Policy Daily Digest

Is Australia falling behind..

On tobacco policy? – Clive Bates

I’m visiting Australia next week and looking forward to some good discussions with people holding any and all points of view on vaping, nicotine and smoking. My aim is to share experience from the US and UK where we are seeing encouraging uptake of low-risk vaping alongside an unusually rapid decline in smoking. Historically, UK has always had substantially higher levels of smoking than Australia, but in 2016 that gap has finally closed…

“Deception or Evasion”

By FDA CTP & National Cancer Institute Regarding Smokeless Tobacco?
Brad Rodu, Tobacco Truth

“A majority of adults do not think smokeless tobacco is less harmful than cigarettes,” according to a study by the FDA Center for Tobacco Products and the Tobacco Control Research Branch of National Cancer Institute (abstract here).

Sheri P. Feirman and colleagues analyzed responses to a question in the Health Information National Trends Survey (HINTS), 2012, 2014, and 2015: “Do you believe that some smokeless tobacco products, such as chewing tobacco and snuff, are less harmful than cigarettes?”


Is this the beginning of the end..

For vaping in Canada? – Jim McDonald

Canadian vapers face an uncertain future, but not many seem alarmed about the anvil that could soon drop on their heads. A bill is close to passing the lower house of Parliament that is likely to create chaos in the vaping industry, giving the federal agency Health Canada the ability to pass additional restrictions as soon as the bill passes — and even more in the future.

Part of the problem is a vendor association that has discouraged vapers and vendors from taking an adversarial stance toward Parliament and Health Canada. Another issue is the lack of a powerful consumer group in Canada, like CASAA in the United States, or the British New Nicotine Alliance.

WHO Hates The Foundation

Mawsley, Planet of the Vapes

Less than a fortnight after Dr. Derek Yach announced the launch of his billion-dollar Foundation for a Smoke-Free World, funded by Big Tobacco firm Philip Morris, the World Health Organisation has instructed member governments not to get involved.

The Foundation was upfront about its funding: “[We have] secured initial funding of approximately US$80 million annually over the next 12 years, beginning in 2018, from Philip Morris International. The Foundation is seeking and expects to receive funding from other sources as well.”

Ban on free tobacco samples includes e-cigs

Lydia Wheeler, The Hill

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) finalized guidance Wednesday to make clear that it’s ban on free samples of tobacco products includes electronic cigarettes.

The FDA said in the 10-page guidance document that its ban on free samples of tobacco products applies to any tobacco product that is subject to FDA regulation, including components and parts of tobacco products like “e-liquids” and the refillable cartridges for electronic cigarettes.

Liberal California Gov. Rejects Ban

On Vaping At Beaches And Parks – Steve Birr

Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed two bills Friday aimed at further restricting the use of tobacco and nicotine-based products such as electronic cigarettes. One of the proposed laws would have instituted fines of $100 for anyone caught using a cigarette or vaporizer in public parks or on California beaches, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Heated, smokeless tobacco

Could surpass e-cigarettes, study finds – Bradley J. Fikes

Cigarette smoking foes face a new challenge: tobacco products that are heated but not burned, according to a study led by a San Diego State University researcher.

These heated, smokeless tobacco products may soon eclipse electronic cigarettes as a smoking alternative, stated the study, published Wednesday in the journal PLOS ONE.

There’s a new, apparently ‘healthier’ way to smoke – The Sun

Tobacco 21 Is a Catch-22

Thomas A. Briant – CSP Daily News

A catch-22 is a problematic situation caused by mutually conflicting or seemingly contradictory conditions. Considering raising the legal age to purchase tobacco products is not only a catch-22 but also allows the “social sources” problem to perpetuate itself.

One of the main issues about raising the legal age to 21 centers on whether to also make it illegal for 18-, 19- and 20-year-olds to possess and use tobacco products in addition to prohibiting the sale to these young adults.

Vaping Report Used To Control Choice

Steve Birr – Daily Vaper

Lawmakers in Guam are using a widely criticized surgeon general report on vaping from 2016 to push a ban that treats nicotine delivery systems as combustible tobacco cigarettes.

Speaker Benjamin J.F. Cruz is proposing to broaden the scope of a law banning the use of tobacco products in indoor spaces to include electronic cigarettes. The proposal expands the 2005 Natasha Protection Act, which bans smoking in workplaces, bars, restaurants, and any other establishments, reports Pacific News Center.

Family Demands Justice For Shot Vaper

Mawsley, Planet of the Vapes

It is now one-year on from when San Diego police shot dead Alfred Olango, who was brandishing nothing more than his mod for vaping. His family are demanding justice and calling for California Attorney General Javier Becerra to investigate Olango’s death.

Alfred Okwera Olango was a Ugandan refugee who settled in the United States. He was a large yet friendly man, who had a strong friendship with wheelchair-bound Bereket. Following Bereket’s suicide, Olango felt his world go into free-fall.

Vaping fashion: 

How vape is getting all the rage in 2017 – Sahil Saini

Since the crackdown on cigarettes and tobacco products, many people around the world have turned to a less harmful and more diverse alternative. Vapes have taken the world by storm with millions of people heading to shops and stalls to purchase their very own vaporizer. Pop culture has embraced the vape and it has become one of the biggest trends of the last decade. It was the political push to reduce smoking that led to the vape big bang and the industry has continued to grow.

On this Day…2016

A look back at how things have moved on or otherwise….

We’re Staying Alive

You …. Maybe Not So Much – Dick Puddlecote

A quick update on Monday’s article….. Y’see, Dr Vera da Costa e Silva – head of the secretariat of the World Health Organisation’s FCTC – posted this incredible tweet congratulating the Philippines and their genocidal President Ricardo Duterte who has encouraged the murder of thousands of people and boasted that he wants to “slaughter” 3 million.

Aberdeenshire’s gone doolally

Robert Innes – Vaping Post

On Monday, October 3, all Aberdeenshire Council sites went smoke-free, making Aberdeenshire one of the first local authorities to implement a policy that encourages smoking by banning e-cigarettes on council grounds. This comment may come as a surprise to both the Council and to a Scottish Government trying to create a ‘Tobacco Free Generation.’

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